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  1. Fantastic run from Morata for the goal, he's changed the momentum massively
  2. Pedro won't be banned for the next game relax guys
  3. Lets capitalise on this period, lets get more boys come on!
  4. I can see someone getting sent off today and it'll probably be someone in blue
  5. Moratas dribbling really is special, looks so dangerous when he gets the ball and just runs
  6. Rare to see a 6 year deal, guess the club has a lot of faith for him to be the future
  7. I wonder if we'll do the medical etc tomorrow or give him a days rest to recover
  8. I'm still unsure on the guy as he's still got a lot to prove but I'll admit he's a great player and for only 58M = bargain
  9. Anyone know why he didn't feature in the game against Fulham yesterday?
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