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    Dragged up being a Chelsea fan from my Dad supporting them in the 60's. Second best thing that man ever did after making me.
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    Victor Moses

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  1. RLC and Chalobah are head and shoulders above this lad.
  2. Is it not true though? People post quotes all the time. Also, i'm not your mate so please stop referring to me as one.
  3. But you're more than happy to be represented by Diane Abbott and her anti British bigotry?
  4. He is reported to be well - briefed, is clearly intellectual (though also a loose cannon at times) and will represent the UK well during Brexit and more widely. He has been reported to be popular with allies. Abbot is much more dangerous.
  5. Dianne Abbot. Home Secretary. Let that sink in.
  6. ha ha ha. I'm sure you're just trying to get a nibble but i'll bite. 1) Why would you bench our best midfielder in Kante 2) Why would you play Radja, who has played as an attacking mid all season, behind a poor Matic. 3) please learn to spell for
  7. Been average since the second half of the 14/15 season. Wouldn't miss him and could easily find a replacement.
  8. Could be so, an attacking minded midfielder is always going to try more riskier passes. Bit harder than just passing it side to side all game like Matic.
  9. Naingollan offers a goal threat. Something we don't have from the middle of the park. You say Serie A is a weaker league but you forget it is one of the most defensively sound leagues around.
  10. Believe about 5% of what the media tells you.
  11. Safe to say we are by far the favourites but we can't step off the gas because of that. Nothing would be sweeter than sticking 6 past Arsenal in a cup final.
  12. Singed him for £32m, he won us two titles and annoyed our rivals beyond belief; and we then sold him for more than double that. Great deal for the club.
  13. Boro need the three points tonight. Hopefully they come out and attack us so our front three can knock quite a few past them
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