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  1. Foster Dunk Chilwell ? hahahahahahahaha It seems like Middle-Class Transfer lol Upamecano abailable 54m 2months ago lol
  2. Meret - Loan (option to buy ) Reguillon - 22m+ Jimenez from Atletico - 65m Havertz - 72m This is very realistic transfer .
  3. NoOne want to Jorginho even if 20m price-tag lol . SomeOne said Jorginho is 50m£ worth LAMO .. She didnt know football-market ....
  4. Emerson 22m → Tagliafico 22m Alonso 25m → Gosens 25m? I hope these two transfers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Perfect Oblak (108m) Very Good DeanHendeson Rajkovic (over50m) Good Onana Donnarumma (35m?) If we want better GK , We have to raise more Money .
  6. Batshuayi 30m Bakayoko 25m Emerson 20m Alonso 25m We will get about 100m . 50m for CB like Upamecano 25m for LB like Tagliaffico 25m for GK like Onana We will upgrade 3positions another Havertz . Barkley and Jorginho may also leave this CLUB.
  7. I think Donnnarumma can be sold only 35m . He has one years contract remaining .
  8. ✕ Kepa(72m) + 50m =122m 〇 Kepa(35m)+ 90m =125m
  9. DeanHenderson or Donnarumma I want either . But Onana is OK , improve Kepa . He has great Saving-Percentage !
  10. Jorginho & Kepa Power !!!!!! Nice effect fucking shit ....
  11. Kepa and Jorginho are fuck´n disaster . PL worst GK and cannot play DM role who can only play DM position lol . SarriBall are literally shit .
  12. Havertz and Benrahma are coming soon !!!! CF Werner Giroud Abraham(loan?) WG Pulisic Ziyech Benrahma CHO(loan?) CAM Havertz RLC(loan?) CH Kante Kovacic Mount Gilmour (Rabiot?) What´s a squad !!!!! Sell Batshuayi Jorginho Barkley Bakayoko Kennedy Moses
  13. Rabio swap with Jorginho ? Wonderful deal !! I remember he got a goal vs Chelsea in CL . He is truly worldclass i think .... Kovacic and Rabio are great choice for Kante pertner .
  14. Jorginho 35m Batshuayi 30m Bakayoko 25m Emerson 20m Alonso 25m Zouma 25m Barkley 30m Moses 15m Kennedy 10m Sell all this list We could get over 200m !!!
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