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  1. The sleeve sponsorship will only be present on the left sleeve with just the one Premier League patch on the right sleeve. So it shouldn't look too cluttered.
  2. Anyone know any release dates for the new strips yet? Also, how do Nike shirts fit compared to Adidas?
  3. EFL Trophy buddy. Chuffed we entered this, hopefully gives youngsters the chance to kick on!
  4. With the growth of social media and mainly Twitter, I never get too excited until I actually see it confirmed by Chelsea and the player with the shirt in hand. But Batshuayi does excite me! So fingers crossed its finalised and confirmed today.
  5. I can see us getting left behind in the transfer market with Conte being with Italy until 22nd June at the very earliest. Surely he's told someone who he'd like to be brought in, and who can move on?!
  6. It can only be Nike moving forward. If it's anyone else, it's a backwards step in my opinion.
  7. I think the black/grey/yellow is the away shirt with the white one being our third strip. The only reason I say this is because if you look at the new home kit online, the white socks say home/third 16/17. I could be wrong though!
  8. It looks better without the 'Tyres' on it. But it's £65 for the '£50' shirt on the adidas site...
  9. These are on the official Chelsea megastore website. There's a £90 'Adizero' version too now.
  10. I've just seen these kicking about on Twitter. Looks like home and third but the third looks fake as the badge is on the piss..
  11. Goalkeeper shirt leaked on Footy Headlines http://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/07/chelsea-15-16-goalkeeper-kit.html
  12. Looks fantastic. Great improvement on last season's. Away kit is confirmed as white on the website as well.
  13. Did anyone see the Chelsea TV news from Wednesday about the new training wear? They had a shot of Eden wearing the Champions League training stuff. The badge and stuff looked to be a teal colour.
  14. You can pre order the new training gear online now. http://www.chelseamegastore.com/stores/chelsea/en/c/training/men-s-training I think the red on the anthem jackets confirms the home shirt.
  15. That's a step back in my opinion. That's the template Ipswich Town are using this season, are we really going to use a year old template? http://www.itfcdirect.com/PagesPublic/ProductBrowse/product.aspx?group1=REPLICA&group2=adidas%20Replica%20Home&group3=*EMPTY&group4=*EMPTY&product=833725
  16. That strip is incredible! and it looks as if it is the real deal because i just managed to get this on the Chelsea website, only the ladies popped up, but I think it shows that it is definitely real! EDIT: Just managed to get the men's one pop up too! Available to buy for 04/06/14
  17. This does kind of stink of the Torres deal, a player who wasn't in the best form of his life and someone who has struggled with a few injuries. Okay it wouldn't be £50m but there's a good chance we could become an even bigger laughing stock. But in my opinion, I would definitely have him as a Chelsea player.
  18. I hope he takes 21 now that Marin has left on loan! Great signing!
  19. We should go for Wilfried Bony as well now, these two played with together for the last few seasons, Bony scored 37 goals in 36 games last season. These two would be a dream together, Bony and Lukaku!
  20. Cracking signing this! I hope we keep him this season, he's shown he can do it in the first team at Vitesse, okay the strength of that league is lower than what the Premier League is, but still, him and KDB are the future in CM. Give them both playing time this year!
  21. Sorry Guys, please delete last few posts, computer went AWOL
  22. GK - Cech RB - Azpilicueta CB - Ivanovic CB - Terry LB - Cole CM - Ramires/KDB CM - Lampard/Luiz/Van Ginkel RW - Schurlle/Moses CAM - Mata/Oscar LW - Hazard ST - Rooney or Cavani (hopefully) / Lukaku
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