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  1. I kinda feel Rogersish now that I read my post again, quite rainbows and unicorns, but I guess that's just the kinda guy I am.
  2. Without getting into the second half of last season where we all know things were, shall we say, different from the first half, I think the beginning of this season was simply a snowball effect. There have been mistakes, poor decisions, bad performances, bad luck, and the momentum just made the problems bigger and bigger with every passing week. It's hard to stop momentum. To carry the snowball metaphor forward, there are two ways to stop that snowball, either it hits a brick wall, or it slowly runs out of snow. Hitting that brick wall could cause irreparable damage to the wall and it's founda
  3. Very positive performance, really good to see, just need a goal to open the gates and we should be good. But that Stoke chance before HT shows how easy all our good work and beautiful football could've been undone. Let's hope that our good performance continues through the second half and we're rewarded with some goals.
  4. Good half, had everything but the goal, but it's coming...Obviously the boys are playing today with the mentality of win if we can, but definitely don't lose. That's why our possession seems a little negative at times but at this point in the CL campaign that's still a positive. People slagging Kiev off comparing them to Tel Aviv is a little OTT, could you guys give Chelsea a little credit for playing decent enough today? Begovic hasn't really been troubled and we've had some quality chances... Anyways, more of the same second half please, maybe pop in a quick one to take some pressure off and
  5. Anyone else think maybe, just maybe Jose is looking forward to this weekend's game and finally doing what a lot of people were complaining he didn't do last season? Rotate the squad a bit? Let's be real, this game is not a must win. If we lose 10-0 that doesn't hurt our chances of progressing from this group, the focus is on getting back into contention in the league. Skip forward, if Ivan is benched and Hazard plays this weekend because of today's decisions I'm thinking most will be pleased. By the way, this starting 11 is not our best 11, but it is definitely capable of getting a result toda
  6. We've got a few Debby Downers in here. It's pretty obvious that in real life some of you are cup half empty type of guys. If we win today, but play like hot garbage, Ivan plays 90 minutes, and the youth don't even make the bench, I would be happy because we would have 6 points from 6 possible in our first two CL group games including an away game to the toughest opponent in the group. Would you be happy? If the answer is no then I can't help you. If the answer is yes then welcome to the side where people are allowed to smile and enjoy themselves even if the road travelled was imperfect.
  7. For the love of all things holy, please play the best game of your lives and destroy Porto. It would be massive for Chelsea's confidence, allow us to breathe in the CL with progression in the group 99% guaranteed, and it would soothe my Benfica-loving bones knowing that those dirty asses are put in their place. That being said, Porto are no walk in the park and Jose knows that so anyone expecting the same lineup that played against Tel Aviv are in for a surprise. I expect we will play a strong lineup with JT coming back to lead the team, Hazard to play, and Matic to play since he's familiar an
  8. I haven't read through the last +/-20 pages in this thread but I'm going to make some assumptions. Lots of Mourinho outs, lots of Mourinho's not the problem, lots of Mourinho lacks class and puts Chelsea in a bad light unnecessarily. Correct me if I'm wrong. Without wading into those debates, my takeaway from the weekend regarding Mourinho is that in my opinion he hasn't even gotten close to deserving of the sack. I don't want to paper over all the issues that are very real and deserve attention/action, but this season is far from lost. City look very vulnerable, United and Arsenal do not inst
  9. The boy continues to grow. I really like that he's being somewhat sheltered, gradually he'll take on a bigger and bigger role. Don't want to get my hopes too high but this is one kid who I can see reaching his potential and eventually becoming a fixture in the England team.
  10. Whatever the reasoning and circumstances for locating the away support in the Shed right now is "water under the bridge" (I really enjoyed that play on words if I do say so myself). With the new stadium there is every opportunity to locate them in the crappiest position for them which would conversely give us the most advantage. Also, there is every opportunity to reunite the home support into a loud strong voice in one location. There is no excuse anyone can give where these 2 situations are not given due consideration and due priority. I don't care if Betty and John have had season tickets f
  11. Mourinho was over the top with his actions towards THE MEDICAL TEAM, and Eva was over the top in her reaction to Mourinho. Two wrongs don't make a right, they were both wrong. I don't give two shits about what medic sits on our bench as long as they are competent, I don't give two shits if Mourinho didn't "apologize" to his MEDICAL TEAM for his overreaction, and I don't give two shits that one of the two people who were on the wrong side of Mourinho decided to become a champion for the rights of all insulted medics around the world. Now if and when she decides to take this to court and drags
  12. Hypocrisy on display for everyone to see. Wenger repeatedly accepts the red after the match, then Arsenal appeal against it and win. Wenger whines about Mike Dean way more vocally and directly than Mourinho and haven't heard a peep about discipline against him. Costa disciplined during the game with a yellow card, but retrospective punishment coming in so small part due to Wenger's criticism of the referee. Blatant, unabashed double standards and making up the rules as they go along by the FA. Ban Diego because of his actions, no problem, but punish everyone with the same consistency, not too
  13. Diego is no angel and that's why there are referees and linesmen on the field. He does what he does because he gets away with it and pushes the limits and sometimes crosses the line. That said, if the FA want to clearly establish their lines and review EVERY game on the weekend, not just the ones that the journos highlight, then that will give them credibility and I would accept their decisions. But the way they cherrypick their battles makes you question motives. Others have said it, this kind of stuff happens all the time, doesn't mean I condone it and doesn't mean I like it, but so long as
  14. I'm always entertained to read people's tactical analysis of our games, or their gameplans going into the next matchup. We should've pushed for a second goal, we should never sit back and keep pushing, why does Mikel even dress he shouldn't be anywhere near the squad. We should attack, we should play a high line, we should press press press, we should go to Newcastle with high intensity football and rip them to shreds. It's as if Chelsea are the only team on the field and Jose's decisions should be made in this dream world where our tactics are not countered by opposition managers, where othe
  15. Ramirez for Oscar, people will not like that sub but it is absolutely a perfect sub. Pushes Fabregas up, solidifies the centre and gives pace to our counterattack. Yes it would be great to see RLC come in instead but Ramires is the smarter decision when you take emotion out of the equation.
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