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  1. Hiya. I have a new video showing how Stamford Bridge has evolved over time, with views around the stadium animating between how it was in the 80's, present day, and the future design. And i put on a little piano piece i recorded too, i hope you recognise it!
  2. Thank you so much for letting me know. That's really cool. These were all just images I made during my lunch breaks at work, can't believe people have liked them. And no, I don't have a website.
  3. Really? That's cool! I didn't see. What did they show? That's so cool. Wish I had seen it.
  4. Thank you so much. This is the first time I've recorded any music so I am glad you like it! I'll record a full version of blue is the colour too for the next one. Or maybe one step beyond!
  5. Hi. https://youtu.be/-FHKftDWKV8 I noticed that the colour of the seats was wrong after I had rendered everything, but here is a couple of unfinished renders. They look horrible and I wouldn't usually show such unfinished work, but I doubt I'll find time to do finished renders of these, so these will do. And I guess they do show off the players tunnel and press area. And they have the right Chelsea blue.
  6. Hi. I have made s new video of our new stadium. I even recorded some music for it this time too. I wonder if you'll recognise it? https://youtu.be/-FHKftDWKV8
  7. Also, take a look at the kit. It has the new Nike sponsor, as the LED advertising boards do. I thought id try do images of what it might look like. After i put people in #the stadium, it is really noticeable how big the stadium is and therefore what an achievement it is to squeeze that onto the site. and while the lights on the roof are just in my imagination, i think something like that would look really cool. So actually, there is no mention of that in the plans, but i thought id add it as i think it looks feasible and cool! Compared to many of the new stadia, i also notice how clean the sta
  8. A couple of ideas I came up with for the gates competition:
  9. Hi guys. So it has been a while, but I have been busy! I have been working on some internal views of th stadium. Now that the planning application is in, I was able to really make very detailed internal models without too much guess work. Of course, there is some degree of guessing as to exact finishes and materials. I have tried to use only materials I have seen in the official images, or those that have been mentioned in the planning documents. In making the images, it become very apparent that the finish materials will have a drastic effect on the overal design. The geomet
  10. Here is an updated animation of the new stadium
  11. ere is a view from the shed end/East stand corner upper tier, looking towards the west stand. The players entrance is in the opposite corner. Notice also the very asymmetric slops to the upper tier of the west and north stands.
  12. Some more views of the stadium. Let me know if there are particular views you'd like to see.
  13. Just a quick colour render. This is the mighty east stand. By my calculations, I would forecast it to have a capacity of around 16,500 seats.
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