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  1. rating Kepa / zappacosta 6++ christiensen 6+ cahill 6- Emerson 6++ fabregas 6.5 barkley 5.5 RLC 6.5 Pedro 6++ CHO 7- Giroud 7.5 subs Ampadu 6 Willian 6 - Morata 6.5
  2. Emerson-CHO in my opinion could be a great duo on the left if they would play more
  3. Arrizabalaga 5, Azpilicueta 5, Rudiger 4, Luiz 2, Alonso 4, Jorginho 3, Kante 5, Kovacic 4, Hazard 5, willian 4, Morata 4 (Subs: Barkley 6, Pedro 5, Giroud 7)
  4. today I expected a lose: we aren't worse than the last 3-4 games our performance is still the same but with other teams that could be enough, with this spurs not!
  5. I agree with you that azpi is not good enough but i put "question points" becouse i don't know who takes at his place not for other reason.
  6. I Will prove 4312 but sarri will never do it! giroud for willian and maybe barkley for kovacic
  7. Luiz> Rugani Azpi > ?? Willian >> Dembele or dybala Morata >> martial or icardi or dybala Alonso> Emerson
  8. Arrizabalaga 6, Azpilicueta 5, Rudiger 7, David Luiz 5, Alonso 5, Jorginho 6, Kante 5, Barkley 5, Pedro 7, Willian 5, Morata 7.5. (Subs: Hazard 6.5, Kovacic 6.5 fabregas 6)
  9. Arrizabalaga 6, Azpilicueta 6.5, Rudiger 6.5, Luiz 6, Alonso 5, Jorginho 6.5, Kante 6, Barkley 7.5, Pedro NV, Willian 7, Morata 7. (Subs: Loftus-Cheek 7, Giroud 6, Fabregas 6)
  10. willian has already missed 3-4 pass...
  11. moses? moses? moses what the F*ck!!! CHO has to play! if not now when?
  12. Willian can't make a decent pass or other that is out of his usual stupid run!! He is so frustrating!
  13. For striker Icardi would be ideal but is too expensive, also if he is a risk i would take Piatek for £35-40 Dybala is one of my personal dream if not mine! he isn't a first striker but what's care? he is great in several skills: dribbling, shot, pass, is like an advanced playmaker who know also how to score a lot of goals (with juventus when i play like strike he score always) but also he doesn't play like striker score very often. for me 35 for piatek and 120-140 for Dybala would be the best!
  14. blues.bridge


    i hope united and mou in jenuary until want him! maybe in a swap with martial
  15. i have my doubts, he does dangerous run? where? I see only runs that doesn't bring to nothing, for 90% are just stupid runs. morover his pass skills, ok few are wrong pass in the sense che we lose possession, but more of them just aren't accurate and that ruin the circulation!
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