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  1. a livello finanziario, perché la gente pensa che se compriamo un giocatore da 120 milioni di sterline dobbiamo sostituire un altro giocatore dello stesso livello ?? possiamo comprarlo con i soldi delle vendite di diversi giocatori di merda che abbiamo! abbiamo 41 prestiti, almeno 30 inutili. in squadra abbiamo alcuni giocatori che saranno venduti meglio! luiz-cahill- morata- willian-zappacosta-drinkwater-moses- others!
  2. we can talk about players or coach, and changing them we can win something sporadly, but for to be a great club with great ideology there is need to change the Board and the proprietary! And board Change only if Roman leave! what do you think a club or any society can do well if there is no communication inside (see Pulisic purchase?) if there is no long term transfer plan, no plan for young development? only take random players, and put them on loand hoping that they will be good! there is no identitiy of game, no continuity, the coach change without conitnuity of idealogy! AND ALL OF
  3. the problems are many - the players are not good enough, now i don't do the analysis of everyone. - Sarri has just one ideal of football, he doesn't know other tattics or turnover, play young etc.. - But all of this derive from years from board and Roman, who are complete shit! don't know how to make a long term plan! how to investite! I hope Ratcliffe or others buy the club as soon as possible! Roman and all his men have been great for a decade, but in last 4-5 years is a disgrace!
  4. it's a good signing, but not a phenomenon: for that money maybe i would took other and I'm afraid he could be a fail. He has a very good technique and great vision but is not strong physically and this in PL could be a great problem, moreover he score almost nothing. In BVB he lost his place for a young 2000 boys who's a rookie. definitly a upgrade on willian and pedro, but not player who can do take Hazard place!
  5. I think he will be a flop if he comes!
  6. CHO out, Emerson inside but not in his place! con Alonso e Willian ancora dentro? OK WOW i don't know how to say anymore!
  7. right now, I think it's the only chance that Willian and Alonso get injured
  8. ball possession is too slow, jorginho could be okay in Italy, not in PL, same for players like willian or pedro! they slow down the action too much
  9. if we take higuain, I give up! I will start to watch only "CURLING"!
  10. i have seen only second half but: Alonso is ridiculous 3/10, Luiz is a disgrace 4/10 and Willian is Useless, he runs on the field without purpose, he does not press well, he does not create anything, he does a lot of precision mistakes or other 4/10
  11. for me today Luiz as played a really good game. (he usually is a dogshit, but not today) Out of position multiples time today? i haven't seen that, really. Instead he has coverted well some Alonso mistakes.
  12. Kepa 7 azpi 6 rudiger 6 Luiz 7 Alonso 4 kante 7- Jorginho 6 Kovacic 6 Hazard 6.5 Pedre 6.5 Giroud 6 RLC 7 zappacosta 6 Morata 5
  13. Emerson has to be 1st choice! I'm sure that today we will be at least 2-0 if Emerson was in!
  14. i want create a player with foot and vision of fabregas, dinamism of kante and strong of RLC
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