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  1. about luiz and rudiger maybe the rating could be different but i think little change, for me both are insufficient today.
  2. Rating: -kepa 7 - azpilicueta 5 - rudiger 5 -D Luiz 5.5 - Alonso 6 -jorginho 6.5 -kante 6 - barkley 7.5 - willian 5 - Hazard 7.5 - Giroud 6.5 subs - kovacic (n.v) - pedro (n.v) - morata 6+
  3. yes, you miss that we struggled own because Morata and Willian are shit! Morata not only misses a great change but it was a difficult game because morata is a fuckin** ghost on the field!
  4. Arrizabalaga 7, Zappacosta 5, Cahill 5, Christensen 6, Emerson 6.5, Fabregas6.5 , Kovacic 6.5, Loftus-Cheek 7, Pedro 6, Willian 4.5, Morata 4. (Subs: Hazard 6, Barkley5, Moses 4)
  5. Willian assist, morata goal... but for me they performance are also largely insufficient!
  6. have to resort to hazard to win this game is a shame! without hazard our attacks players are the worst of the top 5-6PL teams!
  7. the right thing to do would be give gametime to CHO, ampadu and youngs and in the market sell players like morata,willian or cahill to monetized before they lose value. We do the exactly opposite, we give playtime to them and don't develop our young and in the end they could let the team! So fuck** depressing! And today with CHO and other at place of willian and Morata we would be already 2-0! for sure!
  8. Willian, Moraahahahhta misses and CHO haven't already extend his deal, if he goes he is right!
  9. at his place Willian, that in less than 12 minutes has already done 3-4 bad things...
  10. Besoz? Hhahahaha Jim Ratcliffe looks great! If Roman doesn't ask so much money, £3B is really too expansive and out of any market. One right price would be around 1.5B and Ratcliffe has already offer 2.3B, Abramovich should have acepted!
  11. shame about the draw! but at beginning of the match I would have make a deal this result. draw in this way burn a lot, but thinking positive: -they have scored just for one great shoot. -after 40 days with sarri we are already at same level of Liverpool (one of the 3-4 best team in the world with a fantastic coach), just one year ago this was utopy but also 3 month ago! I'm sad for today, but i'm excitated thinking what we could do in the future, maybe with 1-2 great purchases!
  12. maybe in jenuary we can try to put some deal with united and mourinho! like take martial and give Willian £65B and cahill. for jenuary market: sell: morata, willian, drinkwater, cahill, zappacosta or moses take Martial and Dybala (if possible) Hazard-martial-dybala for the rest of the season
  13. I almost agree with you like always. but for Marcos Alonso we can take also £50-55B becouse only40? Emerson should be keeped almost one year more, he has few opportunitis and i keep also Fabregas (maybe) yes, he is old but he is one of the best passing skill of last 10 year ( near by xavi, pirlo...) and his pure ability are still above those of jorginho! Jorginho knows better sarri style and he's more younger and more dinamic, but for let jorginho rest fabregas will be very okay! RLC and Abrahim sell with buyclause or on loan For the others I sell all with indicative price: W
  14. i have already said it. players like giroud/morata or willian aren't good enough while others like are good but not phenomenes. Players like willian take too much the ball slowing down the action and there no movement without ball.
  15. for me CHO should play every week at least 30' minutes or also on the right instead willian/pedro
  16. Hazard-icardi-dybala would be also my fuck*n dream! probably you are right on the price: but if he plays little and want to go out his price go down. I can see we extended willian, luiz and giroud deal instead.... so sad!
  17. Unfortunately, Icardi is no longer possible. I hope we can get Dybala in january, but we have to hope that he doesn't play much with juventus and he want to go out! His price is about £110-120B and in 4-3-3 he will be able to play both position, striker or on the right. So we can take the place of willian or morata/giroud, in every case we would be an upgrade! we will have rejuvenate the attack. willian is 30, giroud more than 30 and dybala is 24, until november. For money? sell willian to united and someone else like morata, cahill or drinkwater... there are so much players that are
  18. it was fundamental to win today before Liverpool where probably we get two loss
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