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  1. Laat season he did shoot from positions like this and it worked almost every time.
  2. We were having the ball in the first 10 minutes but it was way more chaotic then when they have it.
  3. We should just train crosses as it is clear we only rely on them...
  4. Our crossing game is strong again...
  5. We can't create anything from open-space. Nothing. Zero. For a 4th game in a row. We are awful going forward.
  6. No need to experiment more.Sack him and save the season.
  7. This is it. We should sack him and save our season.
  8. We let them do it to us. 30 minutes of poor football
  9. We got lucky and I will take that but there are teams that are gonna punish us for a performance like this one.
  10. We bought players that we don't know how to use.Struggling to cope with the new league is one thing, looking lost a completely different...
  11. We can't even keep the ball for more than 5 seconds.
  12. This match is Werner's rock bottom. His confidence is completely gone which is understandable given the things we want from him.
  13. Werner should be subbed for his own good.
  14. We really did go toe to toe and it felt really good. Our win against them after the break was nice but we approached the game differently and I mostly liked the result.
  15. Last season a lot of people did. But when it's not in Frank's favour, I guess we should only look at the results
  16. Pulisic carried the ball for way too long and the pass to Werner was too quick and to the wrong foot.He could have passed it to Timo 3 seconds earlier so that the German can actually use his pace.
  17. Werner should have done better but Pulisic really fucked him up badly with that pass....
  18. We are clearly struggling to create anything from open-play. For a third game in a row.
  19. I really want to see Pulisic on the left, he is way too limited on the other side.
  20. In front of the media, yeah. But there are a lot others who doesn't have the patience when it comes to young players and expect sudden impact. I guess the price tag also plays a part. It was easier to get rid of them both when we haven't invested a shit ton of money into them.
  21. As much as I doubt Frank is gonna make it here, I am glad he is level-headed and reasonable enough to give the kid enough time to settle in. He didn't mention any names but it was obvious that he referred to guys like De Bruyne and Salah when talking about players coming back to the PL as a stars despite not making it the first time round.
  22. First of all, I have always said that his biggest test will be December and not the easier fixtures before that. I have been heavily critical of him before and never ever have I said that he changed my mind. We made a good run, I tried to be supportive but it was mostly games against bottom-half teams. We are yet to win a key match this season. Not only that, but we have regressed in terms of our performances against the better teams. This is not like the first months of last season when we were playing good and couldn't finish games off.We are relying mostly on crosses and set pieces. He has
  23. If the name of our manager was not Frank Lampard, 90% of the fans would have called for his sacking after tonight. Same thing is happening to United and Arsenal. We are laughing at them but we are in no different position. I know some people will blindly defend him but that's the truth. We spent around 250m but I don't see any progress at all. Our pressing is getting better but that's all. We are relying on individual brilliance most of the time or just crossing and hoping Giroud scores. Not to mention that we don't have a single win against a team above 11th position.Which is a
  24. No way this happens. They will struggle to even get a win in the next two games. But I get your point.
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