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  1. Tammy has to be subbed, it's frustrating at this point...
  2. Why don't we try passing through the middle!?
  3. Our attackers don't receive the ball in good positions because we are so slow with our passes at times.
  4. Zouma is so bad at this diagonal passes and yet he keeps on doing them...
  5. Southampton were begging for it...Too open at the back throughout the whole match. You just can't have a 2-0 lead against MU and have 6/7 players in front of the ball and in the opposition half. Pure naivety and lack of reaction from Hasenhuett when it was obvious that something didn't work in the second half.
  6. Brighton could have won if they were more clinical but I would gladly take that. I really like Klopp but sometimes he is a big crybaby.They were dominated for a good portion of the match and can't complain about being unlucky.
  7. Could have been rested here, he looks knackered.
  8. Oli is absolute class, he deserves it!
  9. Giroud!!! Werner should have scored...
  10. We are not able to take back control of the game quickly enough after the opponents increase their intensity. Our passing should be way calmer and better.
  11. Chilwell has been pretty sloppy so far today. Needs to improve his concentration a lot.
  12. To me, its between Kante and Mount. Not the best performance but after the international break I can only care about the win.
  13. Ziyech is always anticipating opponents passes. His awareness when deffending is another key quality.
  14. Timo is working his arse off and keeps on trying even when things don't go his way. He is a winner
  15. So far he is cointaing him pretty well. I just want him to try passing the ball forward more often. He has it in him but at times he chooses the safest option possible.
  16. Ziyech is a pressing machine! Even Kovacic is active at his pressing today.
  17. IIRC last season he was in the top 3 in clear-cut chances missed in Germany
  18. Timo, my man, this miss can be costly...
  19. Reece angers me with his passivenes at times, I really feel he can be a lot more dangerous than this.
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