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  1. Ziyech with another phenonemal cross!
  2. He probably said something because the refferee didn't seem to book him even with a yellow card.
  3. There is always drama surrounding this boy. For all the talk about his talent, he is way more active outside the pitch than he is on it.
  4. It's so nice to see our two former players helping AV tonight but I am not sure if Willian or Barkley contributed the most.
  5. Ziyech was the key part in everything we did.Absolutely unreal performance! Nice win, we totally neutralised them. It's a bit sad that the IT break comes when we have such momentum but hopefully we will be even better after it.
  6. Werner must be extremely tired, he has to be subbed IMO.
  7. We should make more vertical passes, too many times we play it safe and just pass sideways.
  8. Ziyech is a magician. Amazing crosses!
  9. First time someone made a good run in behind and the goal has come. Credit to Ziyech for the pass and nice finish by Tammy.
  10. It is indeed.Hopefully it gets even better from now on and my concerns are just the pessimist in me being worried unnecessarily.
  11. We just have different perspective on some things. But the tables could turn quickly and the irony could be used the other way round then.
  12. There are plenty of games that will test him in the next 2 months but tonight was not one of them. Be happy as much as you want but the irony is needless.
  13. Easy win. We were not tested tonight due to the stupid rules but I will take it.Defensively we are improving but we struggled in attack even in the second half. The clean sheet is the positive I could take from this game.
  14. Reece should run at players more often.Too many times he passes it casually to either the CB or the CM.
  15. Silva with an inch-perfect pass.
  16. Werner desperately needs to be subbed off.
  17. Doesn't matter what the rule is, it's just ridiculous. How can you be prepared and cautious when the ball is literally deflecting from your leg and then hitting your arm? Sometimes it's not possible to put your arms next to your body, it's just not natural. And no to mention the ball was going up, not towards their goal...The rule is just stupid.
  18. Spot on. We are too static and it's not only Jorginho's fault but he is part of the problem. Our long balls doesn't seem coordinated enough with the runs behind their backline. We should create a lot more havoc but instead we are casually just passing the ball around.
  19. I can't imagine how much we would be fuming and rightly so. Ridiculous penalty and even worse second yellow card. I can't even celebrate knowing how bad Rennes fans must feel.
  20. Horrible decision.This should never be a penalty IMO.And on top of it, a red card....The match is ruined by this stupid handball rule.
  21. Quite a few players managed to have an outstanding career despite being injured all the time.Robben and Ribery are the first to come to mind.Hopefully Puli is another one of that kind.
  22. Hojbjerg touches it. Agree to disagree but we will see what the FA will say about it.
  23. Hojbjerg touched the ball with his right foot. Brighton player's foot went over the ball and never touched it. They replayed it like 1000 times on the TV, I am pretty sure.
  24. He didn't even touch the ball and definitely kicked him in the foot. Even the fact that they called Graham Scott to review it speaks for itself. So it was a clear foul in my book.
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