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  1. If United win their two games in hand, they will be 4 points above us.And we are talking about Ole's United.
  2. Chelsea legend as a player but being the manager is totally different task and he is not capable of doing it at this point of hia career.
  3. A lot of posters ovrr here were mocking Lampard's doubters after a few good results against bottom-half opponents. I said I am still yet to be proven that he is capable against better opponents and they made fun of me too. I hope they are happy now. This is unacceptable after spending 250m in the summer.
  4. Sorry but these are UNACCEPTABLE back-to-back performances.
  5. We didn't create a single cleae chance from open play. Relying only on Pulisic and crosses and that's it.
  6. Kovacic is so disappointing with his long shots..
  7. For all those complaining of VAR, this is a clear example why we need it..
  8. Giroud! Now we should have a lot more space.
  9. Different styles. We have the ball most of the time while Tottenham are willing to give it away and that gives Son a lot of space to operate in.
  10. Our pressing is clearly improving but we are creating nothing from open play. Literally nothing for a second game in a row.We are not even trying to play through the middle.Overcrowding flanks is a good strategion but in our case only leads to crosses.Werner is practically out of the game. Kante is back to his beast mode! PS There is no need to single out Havertz. He is a weak link so far but we all hope that he will come good. I don't think pointing fingers at him would help.
  11. Thiago was pointing to the others to move and switch places. We are too static atm
  12. Pulisic is the only one who can cut through their defence...
  13. Thiago in the right CB role? Nvm, they just swapped
  14. I am really glad Frank kept Havertz in the starting 11 and removed Kovacic. We need more attacking threats and Mateo is not a one against low-blocks. Also Puli can make all the difference tonight. I am really happy with that line-up.
  15. No matter what pot we are into, we alwaya get the hardest draw. Twice playing PSG after being first in the group and now Atletico...fucking unreal
  16. I actually don't want to see Mateo starting. Against high-pressing sides like Leeds he is pretty useful but against deep-blocks he offers no threat at all.He is not very good at long shots, he is not the player to exploit the space behind someone,he is just not the one to go between the lines . The combo of Ngolo and him is too passive IMO. Havertz was shocking yesterday but I prefer him being one of the midfield 3 over Kova. At least he is capable of doing something in the final third.
  17. I expect a reaction. A huge reaction. Massive game and another key one to our season.I said that the Goodison's game will show if we have what we need to fight for the title and the answer was definitely negative. Now we should bounce back and show that we want to comfortably be in the top 4. We need at least Pulisic to be fit otherwise will probably watch the same shitshow from today. I don't wanna see Havertz on the wing but I do want him to start and to actually show hunger and desire.
  18. Frank deserves his fair share of criticism here. We looked clueless from the start and he didn't do anything. Absolutely nothing changed through the 90 minutes. Havertz obviously is not suited to play on the RW but we persisted with him. Timo is also not the typical winger that can cause havoc with his dribble. We are often too safe with our passing and not trying to find gaps between the lines . The evidence is that our possesion is mostly in our half or around the central line. We do it every game but today it was even more frustrating after their penalty.
  19. Piss poor from us offensively. We created nothing from open-play. I am fuming. December is gonna be a loooong month.
  20. Billy should have done better, these are the situations Timo needs...
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