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  1. Anybody have a good stream site for this game? Sorry if this isn't the place for this but I thought I'd ask
  2. I bought a yellow Diego Costa jersey today! Beastmode!
  3. Anybody notice Costa favoring his hamstring at all? I didn't see much, just curious. Hopefully this break will be ample time to get right cause he's in "Beast Mode" right now!
  4. Is it just me or does Costa have a striking resemblance to former big leaguer and manager Ozzie Guillen?
  5. Man what a fun match! Living in America I had to wake up extra early today to watch Man U draw and City lose at home! How sweet it was to jump out to a quick lead. A roller coaster game had my emotions all over the place. Costa is the real deal, he isn't quick or fast necessarily, but he is silky smooth and super smart on the pitch. He operates so intelligently in space, with the uncanny ability to finish with ease. At 25 he could really become a Chelsea legend if he continues at this pace. Great game, can't wait til Swansea!!
  6. I've already used the word "we" referring to the club to my wife so I guess I'm slowly coming around. Mainly I meant I'm unbiased by past seasons since I didn't watch the past. I've been trying to watch older matches on YouTube when I get the chance though
  7. As a newer fan I have a very unbiased opinion on a lot of players. I must say Ivanovic is one of my favorite players for his passion alone. He's shown great fire on the pitch and his offensive production from a defender is top notch. His attitude stands out to me as a big positive on this club. Very impressed so far
  8. I keep reading they are paying 46, am I missing something? Seems the numbers are all over the place
  9. I really like his attitude when he grabs the ball, it's like he is telling the opposition to get out of the f-in way, I'm going to start a fast break with a perfect throw, lol. His vision for the counter attack is underrated
  10. I was a little worried after the sluggish start, but once they woke up they really put a lot of pressure on the opposition. I thought Oscar really performed well and made some nice through balls. Courtois was solid and really saved the day with that one on one. I really like how he plucks the ball out of the air and is immediately looking for an outlet to push the pace. Hazard took awhile before he got anything going but once he found his rhythm he really put some good touches and attacks in motion. I thought Costa up until his goal was having a down game, seemed to really give the ball away n
  11. From the sound of Jose I think he's happy with the squad he has put together. WHile some of the young guys haven't been in top form for CHelsea, is it better to replace a young player before he becomes elite or let him become elite in a system that he grows in? I think there is always going to be a better option on paper to throw money at, but sometimes the best option is to put your trust in your own players and they might reward that confidence with great play. As long as you build a solid core you can fill in around that core with role players and build champion. Just some thoughts though..
  12. He definitely fits the bill size wise that Jose seems to prefer
  13. I'm excited to add a young promising striker that can cover us in the case we lose Costa or just need to rest him. Unloading Torres seems to be the key
  14. I've been looking for some good podcasts to listen to while at work. Ive got "The Chels", but can't seem to find anything else. Any advice on some good shows? thanks
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