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  1. I don't remember anything drastic different from Lamps days. He started real bad and Kepa was making those horrible mistakes too - we attributed this spell to the lack of preparation-friendlies and to Kepa. Then all was great when we beat Sevilla 4-0 in their own ground then the Lampard wall - starting at Everton. Now it looks like Tuchel wall and the same old problems - lack of penetration, Werner shooting the pigeons. Defensively we are better and also a little bit faster. Unless the wall comes to an end on Tuesday we are doomed. We are not doomed if we lose to City on the 29th,
  2. I don't know if it is hand ball - from this image. Maybe it is. Chilwell left arm is 14.09 cm offside ! Chilwell is offside if and only if the ball has n't been kicked by Thiago the instant this is still was taken.
  3. It's not the fault of VAR. The VAR-offside rule is idiotic.
  4. It's Tuesday the match of the season, if you are Abra. Against Villa he can buy the game.
  5. Handball but Kepa was off to buy groceries. Only instance in the entire match he was needed.
  6. VAR offside decisions are sh*te and we are on the receiving end since we are an attacking team. Wenger is right. VAR has performed wonders in correcting referees' decisions. It has also eliminated football violence and ugly behaviours. But the offside rule is rubbish. In the seventies they made it so that when two players are on line it favours the attack. Yet for the life of me I can't imagine there was ever a single linesman who spotted an exact straight line in the days before VAR ! So with the centimetre decisions essentially we are back to the old days when the same line favoure
  7. And Rudiger believed Kepa was playing for them.
  8. Meanwhile United gives two matches to Chelsea's rivals. Leicester 1-2, Pool 2-4.
  9. We managed to lose to malaria infested Arsenal. We cannot possibly fail to beat the beach party Leicester.
  10. Kai fcuked it. He could even dribble the goalkeeper. There is no way Arsenal could have returned. But after their fluke goal our reaction was minimal if not non existent. The way to break such defensive lines is -I 'm afraid- to pound them with crosses. I don't know of any other way even if it reminds of the old England team under Alf Ramsey.
  11. This team has a doctor Jeckyl and mister Haydn syndrome. Start of the season: Awful, with Kepa's errors aggravating the situation. Then all is well: 4-0 against Sevilla. Then Lampard wall. With Tuchel we had three big flops: Albion, Burnley and yesterday. Against this Arsenal it's not even a local derby yet we lost. In the crucial weeks to come what face are we going to see ? If Tuchel finds the rhythm hopefully the good face (doctor Jeckyl). Otherwise ... even Europa for next season is possible. The low defense lines seems to be a permanent problem and yesterday the situation
  12. F*ck the first sixteen minutes ? What about the remaining 74, against ordinary opposition as well ? I saw a semblence of movement only in the last six minutes - the extra time. Something was terribly wrong with today's team.
  13. That insane passing game infront of our goalkeeper must stop. What the heck do we gain from it ? How many goals have we given like that ? Was it today only ? What about WBA early in the season when we went 3 goals down ? And others.
  14. Kai-Jorginho for a**hole ballon d' or.
  15. If you think UK was overtaken by leftists you have n't seen nothing yet. But the leftists have lost the argument since in all the countries ruled by left wing parties, orthodox communist and non-orthodox alike, there is poverty, destitution, corruption and dictatorship. So it was not just the Soviet Union to blame, this notion is archaic. Yet they persist and at the same time we have the right wing crazies.
  16. When we bring to the world dis-order.
  17. The brexiters are idiots. Imagine brexit happening in 1980. Margaret Thatcher accused as a ... communist fellow traveler, NATO in turmoil. What's the difference now ; No communist party in the USSR but Putin. Ok Putin. But besides Putin all kinds of dangerous political entities threaten Europe and the UK with a new Weimar republic situation or a new kind of communist revolution. Brexit has thrown the spanner into the works.
  18. cosmicway


    Pedro was the no 2 in Barcelona, before they got the biteman from L'pool. But Willian was a classical winger unlike Pedro.
  19. I know it's a sin but I backed the draw, double with Inter Milan hcp -1. Failed to strike the cashout button as well - would have costed me 0.001 of the winnings.
  20. It's obvious there is no great difference between the two teams. So the wild favouritism for City in the final is unjustified.
  21. Lucky Serbians. Vaccines should cost 17 pounds per dose. I don't care if they are produced in peoples factories or in private factories but there should be a charge. The average person who goes to the vaccination centre consumes on his way 25 hamburgers and 25 iced coffees.
  22. There are the deniers. Strange folk. I can understand how people behaved during the great plague, the years of the knights of Brancaleone. If you escaped the castle and the archers outside, you were free - unless you somehow caught the plague during the last hours before the escape. But now ? Most of the deniers are right wing nuts but we also have many lefty deniers, because the medical person in charge of the prevention-vaccination program is not one from their party. The typical denier is a fruitcake beyond repair.
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