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  1. Not when you have used it, just sell it now when you know you will get profit. I can double your PS4 though, just send me it via email, I can double PS4's for free.
  2. So he will become a chelsea legend or make our pockets even deeper, good news.
  3. Hazard has his hair thicker finally, hate it shorter.
  4. Willian and Oscar aren't better at defending in the pivot. There's two types of defending, down hill or up hill. Oscar & Willian defend up hill as they are very good at pressing and winning the football. Cesc on the otherhand prefers to defend deeper, make smart tackles and smart movement. Both are good at defending but Fab is better in the pivot and Oscar & Willian better higher up.
  5. I found it pretty funny tbh
  6. 'The best I have ever seen? Well Salah, of course.' - Zidane on Salah after recieiving his 2006 World Cup medal. 'He is an example' - Messi speaking about Salah. 'We will never see another player like Salah' - Pele. 'I learn all of my skills from him' - Neymar admitted 'I wish I could of coached him' - Sir Alex Ferguson on Mo Salah.
  7. I think Mouriniho has too much respect for the likes of Messi and Ronaldo to play Mikel twice within a week
  8. Woah! Hold down there buddy! You don't use your best horse for every race or it may get hurt!
  9. What I want: Tibo Dave, Iva, Terry, Luis Ramires, Matic, Oscar Willian, Costa, Eden What will happen: Tibo Iva, Donkey, Terry, Dave Mikel, Matic Willian, Oscar, Eden Costa
  10. Finally Luis and Azpi! Probably for the final time though. Good debut & last appearance for Cheek. Also, has anyone got a speed measure on that Mikel shot?
  11. Yeah but he man handled Suarez on his full BPL debut and was Vitesse's best player for two seasons, the kid is talented no doubt.
  12. Varane and Kalas in a backline together, oh my!
  13. I disagree about Matic not making a difference, even if he doesn't score or make the tackle he adds confidence to the team, is much faster and more creative on the ball than Mikel, also he isn't a tree off the ball. That said it doesn't change the facts, the midfield wasn't the problem, it was the same problem as we had against Sunderland; no width, no attacking fullbacks, no one to finish chances.
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