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  1. I agree. Yes, Werner is a big name, but not a big body for every kind of matchup or circumstance. I like Werner. But, am posting b/c I know that we need a natural goalscoring big body option with power and aggression and some speed for that CF spot also in our future.
  2. When do we get a serious CF along with the power in CM (like Declan)? Anyone know who the next big name might be out there? We won't win anything with the kind of big CFs we now have.
  3. The home shirt looks great and it fits me perfectly: not too tight, not too roomy. Highly recommend the home shirt. This guy wears a lot of the product line during his videos right now and shows you how well the shirts fit an average-built guy: The shirt I just got from UKSoccershop today:
  4. I can understand being pissed that CFC did not acquire Allison, I suppose, but why bother dwelling on that now? Kepa has been a good goalkeeper for us so far in his time here and our club has been quite unsettled all-around. Lastly, that Italian kid from Milan --Cutrone, is a monstrous man-child. I don't think any defender will handle him well and he could be scoring goals like a Diego Costa if he gets the ball enough in the box during his time the Premier League. His build is more powerful than Diego. So, if anyone among our defenders or our GK were stunned by his presence, I would
  5. They do have a dangerous squad though. Lots of potential; let's see if the manager can adapt to the Prem this season. Seems like the striker from Milan was a steal. The guy looks like he fed well as a child and can run defenders over.
  6. Enjoyed the goals, confident in the 2nd half except that I felt Alonso was getting cover from the referee in the 1st half. Jorginho had a tough time the first 25 minutes or so, giving the ball away, but he has fought through with Kovacic's help. FTW!
  7. meh, don't worry about the manager this season and I disagree with you (for once); you should be feeling abnormally hopeful with Chelsea IMO. Maybe things won't go so well in the next couple years, but for once since about 2007, I personally feel more hopeful about Chelsea's future even if the current squad is young, we're banned on transfers and Frank is an inexperienced coach.
  8. Well, they should have used that nice orange and black collar edge in a complete circle or V, but for me, I am NOT complaining about the new kits because Nike are giving us ORIGINAL designs FOR Chelsea Football Club instead of Adidas giving us hand-me-down designs from Germany/AC Milan/Madrid/Mexico/Spain/Bayern etc. We have our own kits now. I think this year's blue shirt is great; it's better than (probably) all the adidas shirts we had going back to Umbro. Adidas did annoying shit with curved seams and other curved lines. I'm glad we have Nike shirts now.
  9. CHO being healthy all season with Mount and a 3rd player means Barkley probably won't be starting. Despite Pulisic's shortcomings and physical weakness, Christian probably offers more in the box while we do still have Pedro. Barkley is going to end up outside the PL IMO. Moving downward.
  10. Weakest players in this squad are probably Willian, Zouma, Barkley, Alonso, Batshuayi, and maybe Pulisic. Sure, Barkley will get more opportunities this season and we will see about Pulisic too, but I think Zouma is just going to be an incessant liability (he has always looked shaky and injury-prone to me since he joined us, nevermind the OG). Willian will continue to be ineffective against any strong side. I would predict that Willian, Alonso, Zouma, Bats, and Barkley will be on the way when this club are ready to make buys ahead of next summer's window. Tomori looks good and Kovaci
  11. One question: who is buying James Maddison? Or, will he remain at Leicester? I am sure, while staying healthy, he will be a better player than Pulisic, but I guess he won't sell shirts in N. America. I hope Chelsea are after fullbacks, one winger and one striker if the transfer ban is delayed this summer. Kind of the same situation as last summer except that we instead got a better goalkeeper and a decent CM who was played in the wrong way by Sarri.
  12. Absolutely not. He's already 22 and showed himself repeatedly as the worst of Ajax's starters IMO. Does NOT know what to with the ball in and around the box and I bet that does not change. Would be another Willian: good dribbler, retains ball, produces nothing great with possession against strong sides but MIGHT against weaker opponents. Waste of money and time.
  13. meh, they were just ineffective up top and Shaw made mistakes. Fred and McTominey both played well along with Young. United's forward line has been questionable or ineffective for a while --esp. centre forward. Barca has decent enough cohesion and experience to prevent disasters at the back --even though they really could have blown it a few times in that match. Pogba, Dalot, and Lukaku weren't good enough to make United dangerous yesterday. Rashford is inconsistent.
  14. I really don't know what to think about the prospect of keeping Sarri. The squad isn't great, esp. up top and in fullback, but Sarri has continuously compounded the squad's shortcomings with a shitty centre midfield setup this season. I can kind of excuse him for his willingness to stick with the original idea of Jorginho sitting deep, but also I ridicule the decision to do so because Jorginho is weak, a lesser passer than Fabregas was, not that quick, and redundant when he is incapable of creating forward momentum while we have two centre backs capable of passing AND dribbling from the roughl
  15. With FOUR ENGLISH clubs in the CL quarterfinals, Roman's Chelsea has never felt so damn mediocre as this moment.
  16. despite lacking some quality in fullback, centre back, wing, striker etc., this ban could be a blessing. Sarri ain't going to cut it and Jorginho was a waste of transfer money from the moment he became the hub of our lineup. The former man behind Sevilla's scouting mastery might be Chelsea's chance to catch up to Manchester's clubs ITF. Wake me up in 18 months.
  17. It will require changes in the offices and probably in ownership.
  18. I turned the match off pretty quickly and went to sleep, but, I expect this stuff. I draw a direct line from the moment AVB spoke something that resembled the truth years ago. Chelsea don't have an identity, not a leadership group in the offices with vision. These facts were previously made unclear by the talent and leadership we had on the pitch. I have a vision though: CFC are headed for full-fledged mediocrity as long as Abramovich and the Chelsea offices remain as they are. Furthermore, Pep's entrance into the Prem has made things a little bit more clear. Chelsea won recent title
  19. except that this one can stand up to pretty much any centre-back unlike Diego. yeah, this looks like the post-Drogba striker I've been waiting for.
  20. how many attacks died with willian. pathetic. where is CHO? team looks ready to play today but Willian is going to blow it.
  21. More and more, Chelsea look destined to become a mid-table club at best. Unless some of the magic of the past two decades inspires a buyer to take it from Roman, I imagine CFC could become a real mediocre club; not just a club with money that once aspired to be "big."
  22. Don't matter; we're not getting relegated and we're also not finishing top four.
  23. Is this little shit finally leaving? wow, good day if so.
  24. Multiple things are wrong. Lack of quality in the squad, lack of character, a manager that starts Willian repeatedly despite his obvious mental shortcomings and apparently the relationship between this manager and a sizable portion of the squad. Where to begin? Seems to me, also, that Jorginho is either just a waste of player in the formation and tactics, or the team doesn’t know what to do with the formation. Personally, I think Jorginho is redundant with two CBs capable of passing and dribbling while Jorginho can’t defend for shit himself. Sarri just doesn’t
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