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  1. Most of all the players that play for Chelsea don't care for rivalry anymore it's all about the paycheck now. They are foreigners and weren't born in England or London so they don't care. Fuck all the foreigners. WE ARE FUCKING ENGLAND AND BREXIT MEANS ENGLAND WITHOUT FUCKING FOREIGNERS. THIS IS THE ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE NOT FOREIGNERS PREMIER LEAGUE.
  2. Another Special Cup for the Special One? | Mourinho & Conte | Emirates FA Cup Final 2017 - 2018
  3. Pep G has Signed A Contract Extension until 2021 with Manchester City.
  4. Let's go Diego Costa. Let's go Aleti Madrid. Diego Costa is gonna Do A HulkAMania.
  5. ARSenal ARSene Wenger Mikel ARteta - new Arsenal Manager
  6. Chelsea threw the Newcastle match to give a ego boost and fake confidence to man utd to think Chelsea won't turn up for this game.
  7. TalkChelsea make a song or chant for Pochettino as Chelsea Manager.
  8. Conte is dabbing on his haters. It's everyday bro says Conte and waiting for his sacked paycheck. He dabs on them haters. Laughing his ass off, and being hated just as much like Jake Paul that for fuckwit.
  9. Conte better be fucking sacked before midnight England time or else my snippers are on their way.
  10. Our players are playing like they don't know how to loose their virginities.
  11. My word I wanna kick the fucking balls of those players including Conte the fuckwit. Roman Abramovich do something fucksakes.
  12. If Mourinho Sells Martial to anyone. Mourinho is a Dead Man and he will be chased out of Manchester and England or Killed by Manchesterians.
  13. I think it's More feesable to not build a bigger stadium. Just sell the naming rights to Stamford Bridge for about 150 million to about 300 million pounds.
  14. follow me on snapchat username is : kevinashburner
  15. I think a goalkeeper should have the worst off putting coloured Jersey to put off the opposite team.
  16. You never know if the fa cup final will be his last game for us. You never know what going to happen in when the season ends. It's going to be hard watching the game not knowing if it might be last me. I going to cry, hold me talkchelsea gents/lads.
  17. Wenger Out oh sorry I meant Conte Out #WengerWasSacked #ConteIsWorseThanMourinho
  18. I wonder if Giroud was testing to see if Conte was going to drop Giroud for celebrating with David Luiz.
  19. This is the match where salah's legs and tired body finally gives up and his hamstrings go BOOM.
  20. Stoke City have been relegated. Joe Allen left Liverpuss Scouse and now he's relegated.
  21. Steven The Gerrard of Liverpuss Scouse is now the manager of Glasgow Rangers. What a stupid move the rangers are going to ruin Stevie G managerial career before it even begins.
  22. I love and miss Diego Costa so much. He was so great to watch and have him as our striker. I love you Costa.
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