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  1. Chelsea doesn't need leaders, CHelsea needs one of two things (or even better both)... Chelsea needs World class players like Ronaldo Messi or Neymar, or even Bale that can score more than 20 goals in League... or CHelsea needs to have a team that run like hell and behaves like a team. You can check the last winners of the CHampions League and see what it takes to be European Champions... 2009 - Barcelona with a lot of talent and playing like a team. 2010 - Inter. A team playing like a team. 2011 - Barcelona with a lot of talent and playing like a team. 2012 - CHelsea (with a lot of luck, cle
  2. LOL. Bertrand... Ake... David Luiz... LOL, LOL, LOL. When Mourinho arrived here there was no midfield, no ST, no wingers (only Hazard), the team CHelsea has right now is a lot better than the one Mourinho started with 3 years ago. Mata? Really??? The guy failed with Mourinho and 2 other coaches at Manchester United... and you are crying about Mata? Face the reality and stop making excuses. There are some facts that anyone can point: - Chelsea spent 3 or 4 times less money than Manchester City and Manchester United. Chelsea spent less money than Arsenal in the last 3 years. - CHelsea had a very
  3. Destroyed? Mata is still useless like he was for Chelsea, Lukaku a good ST for mid table teams, and De Bruyne was the only one capable of doing something for a big team (and still far from the quality many here think he has)... Chelsea still has Hazard and Oscar for example (but they are also not that good when compared with the expectations people had on them). CHelsea bought Costa, Fabregas, Pedro, Willian, Matic... all of them WC players. Do you want to know what is the problem of CHelsea? I will tell you. CHelsea spent 4 times less money in the last 3 years (net spending) than Manchester C
  4. Rom2013


    About Mata CHelsea can get him again when Mourinho arrives at Manchester. At Manchester people thjink Mata is a useless player and they are right. Oscar is so... but so bad...
  5. Not true. First, CHelsea has a structural deficit... CHelsea had to sell players... at least 1 great player every season to comply with the FFP. That's a fact... It could have been KdB, Lukaku, David Luiz... or Hazard... but at least one great player every season. The right value to analise it's the net value. If you have David Luiz and you sell him to buy Jones you have 1 good CB. If you buy Jones and keep Luiz you have 2 good CB. I think you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the important value is the net value. For example PSG has 3 WC center backs... CHelsea can't do
  6. I think the only option is Simeoni, since we can't have Guardiola or Kloop... I don't think any other manager can compete for the title with the financial conditions Chelsea has... specially when other teams will have Kloop, maybe Mourinho at United and Guardiola at City,
  7. Rom2013


    Best player in the season, and the best professional in this football club. Chelsea deserves more players like this one, and less "superstars" (CHelsea doesn't have super stars... Chelsea has players that think they are super stars).
  8. Last season I think some people were comparing this player with Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar... What a joke.
  9. Mourinho is going to be the next Manchester United coach. At the end Mourinho wins again... Net spending in the last 3 years for Manchester City: 2015/2016 (-95M) 2014/2015 (-55M) 2013/2014 (-73M) ------------------------------ Total (-223) Net spending in the last 3 years for Manchester United: 2015/2016 (-27M) 2014/2015 (-101M) 2013/2014 (-73M) ------------------------------ Total (-181) Net spending in the last 3 years for Arsenal: 2015/2016 (-10M) 2014/2015 (-62M) 2013/2014 (-28M) ------------------------------ Total (-100) Net spending in
  10. 6 months ago I said exactly the same in here... when everyone was telling how increadble he was. It's not normal to have a 18 year old player in his debut and he doesn't run in defense. I think I never saw something like it. Even Crsitano when playing for Sporting run all the pitch trying to help. With this kind of behaviour he won't go that far. Against Sporting he had 2 good moments and at the end played well, in this 2 last games he showed almost nothing. RLC has the quality in his football to be a really good player, and more important has the physical attributes that makes it easier for
  11. For me in the history of football we can make a ranking like this: Pelé, Maradona, Colkett, Messi, Di Stefano and Crisitiano.
  12. I would have him here without a doubt. He will be second ST, he is a huge improvement when compared with Drogba. With him we can begin the game with 2 ST when needed, he is the kind of player we can change the system sometimes to have both ST on the pitch. United was a mess, and they had 3 world class ST, any player would have problems in there at that moment. We are different, we just have 1 world class ST he will have a good chance. I think this is the continuation of the great deales we are doing in the last 2 years. Buy or take on loan a player that was world class, that would accept a sec
  13. I liked SOlanke, in the 2 situations he had made the right decision with 2 difficult shoots. Really good also with the ball. For me Boga needs to be faster, great quality but he seems a little heavy. About Brown...he doesn't seem to have the quality to do it, but many times there players like Callejon or Pedro that are not that good and still are great for the best teams in the world.
  14. The only problem is that when you the best coach in the world you can have a ego... when you are a John Doe it's quite pathetic. We will see what he can do when he plays for a big team...if any decent team buys him They had a really bad problem... De Bruyne played like shit.
  15. Loftus Cheek is older than all of them, that's one of the reasons why he will be the first next season. He is also physically prepaired and has a lot of quality. Playing for the u21 it's not the same when compared with the Premier League. Maybe Musonda will have a problem. I think Boga is better and one of them will have a problem here because only one will have a fair chance.
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