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Sunderland vs Chelsea

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Blackburn 0-0 WBA HT

Fulham 0-1 Everton HT

Sunderland 0-0 Chelsea HT

Wigan 1-0 Portsmouth HT

West Ham 1-0 Boro HT

Liverpool 1-0 Spurs HT

Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle HT

Hull 0-1 Man Utd HT

Man City 1-0 Bolton HT

Arsenal 4-1 Stoke HT

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you have to feel for him, have you guys actually seen the own goal, its so unlucky.

If Newcastle score - and Hull lose - then the Magpies will be safe.

All they have to do is score, Duffey to get it?

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What a bloody goal!!!!


25th goal!!!! And to think he got 2 the half of which he played last season :D

And god knows lol random juggling

And now it goes v quiet...

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Sunderland 38 36 -20 32 0-1 v Chelsea

Hull 38 35 -25 39 0-1 v Man Utd

Newcastle 38 34 -19 40 0-1 v Aston Villa

Middlesbrough 38 32 -29 27 0-1 v West Ham

West Brom 38 32 -31 36 0-0 v Blackburn

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