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Sunderland vs Chelsea

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What happened to newcastle is shocking, I expected them to finish top 10 at least this season.

They've had what 4 managers this season.And getting rid of Given didnt help.And the whole who deals with transfer sega also didnt help.But be intresting to see if they come back up next season

And awww Ricki Sbragi has stepped down as manager least he went on a high

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Well, technically he went on a low :P

Lol true he did look like he was about to cry during the Sky interview but least he aint hated he kept them up..and 5 goals scored again...just not all for us but hey ho.We aint won last game of the season for agges or least feels like ages so happy happy

Grr scumboes..season unbeaten at home grrr least Keane scored hehe

And we're level on Man U with goals against so not that bad considering they went aggges without conceding

So happy for Ash.He's wanted that goal for ages so wooo it came!!

West Brom..erm boing next season?

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