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Sunderland vs Chelsea

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Sunderland 2-3 Chelsea FT (Richardson 53, Jones 90; Anelka 47, Kalou 74, A Cole 86) Anelka wins the Golden Boot

Arsenal 4-1 Stoke FT

Aston Villa 1-0 Newcastle Newcastle relegated to the Championship

Blackburn 0-0 WBA

Fulham 0-2 Everton

Hull 0-1 Man Utd

Liverpool 3-1 Tottenham

Man City 1-0 Bolton

West Ham 2-1 Boro Middlesbrough relegated to the Championship

Wigan 1-0 Pompey

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Fuckin´ ell, and i couldn´t see a single second because of this fucking "Press Red Button" shit.

had to watch the most boring match i´ve ever seen Manu-Hull...boaaah

Well, good job Nico lad !

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Saw the goals but watched Newcastle suffer in Birmingham. They are fucked and wont come back for a while. Sad really but thoroughly deserved because of the whole way they are run.

We're on a great roll for saturday at wembley, good momentum and scoring goals.

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