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Chelsea must give Scolari time - Leonardo


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Luiz Felipe Scolari needs more time to make his mark at Chelsea because of the "big personalities" in the dressing room, says his close friend Leonardo.

Pressure has mounted on the Blues boss following his side's 3-0 capitulation against Manchester United on Sunday.

Leonardo, who played under Scolari for Brazil, told BBC Sport: "We are talking about five months since he took over.

"Chelsea are a team with big, big personalities and it's not always easy to make your points of view."

Sunday's defeat left Chelsea four points behind Premier League leaders Liverpool and only one ahead of United, who have two games in hand on their rivals.

The result also continued Scolari's miserable league record against the other members of the 'Big Four'.

In their four matches against United, Arsenal and Liverpool this season, Chelsea have gained only one point. o.gif_45366584_mour226.jpgMourinho is a very important coach and Scolari has a different style, but there is more than one way to win

Leonardo on Mourinho

But Leonardo, who is the technical director at AC Milan, said: "You need time to instil your philosophy and system on a new side and to change players.

"For the last five years Chelsea have played the same way and it takes time to change that.

"You also have to remember that Manchester United are probably the best team in the world at the moment and it's not easy to play against them.

"The important thing now is for the club to be behind the manager. You always need the club to support you and give you the conditions to do well."

Leonardo, who describes Scolari as his "big father", believes the pressure the Brazilian is currently under will make him "stronger than ever".

"When he has a difficult situation he always finds a way to resolve it," stated Leonardo.

"He is stronger in those moments and I believe he can change the situation very, very fast.

"He is a motivator and the relationships he develops with his players are always very strong. o.gif

"He has adapted himself in many different situations. Being the coach of Portugal or Brazil was not always easy and the pressure was often intense."

Leonardo also dismissed the theory that Scolari would struggle to win over fans and players used to success under his predecessor at Stamford Bridge Jose Mourinho, who is now the manager of Inter Milan.

"Mourinho is a very important coach and Scolari has a different style and approach but there is more than one way to win. Both men have been very successful in their careers. "Scolari will do very well in England and do very important things at Chelsea."

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Sacking Scolari would be the wrong option. Howerver what we need as fans is to know what direction the club is going in. Will be sorting our squad out soon, which is clearly including a lot of older players who are not hitting the right level anymore? Will we be buying or using our youngsters?

Us fans are just guessing. Scolari has said today that he changed the set up for set pieces, that much we knew. The question is why has it taken him so long to see that, the old saying of "if it ain't broke don't fix it" springs to mind.

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Agreed. I admit I was out of order calling for his head, but I still feel there is no desire in the squad at the moment.

Well, let´s see how things will look at the end of the season.

Wenger needed two years before winning anything with Arse and even that ugly cunt Furgie needed years to improve before winning anything with his teams of shit faced shitheads.

I think Scolari is in the same class with these idiots.

Okay, we have Mourinho, winning imidiatly, but that is different, because he came to Chelsea when Abramovitch was in mood to spend really big.

Scolari came in a difficult time to Chelsea.

I think, and i will repeat it, he needs time.

That is very stupid to write after such games like that one on sunday, but in the end, we will see, that keeping the faith, pays well !

So, i go shopping expensive clothes now, i can´t afford !

Or should i buy a new striker ?

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Thats the annoying thing,Wenger hasnt won anything for yonks and yet no pressure.

We just have an slightly rah owner and gigtish twat troublemaker Keyon which doesnt help.

Give him money,time to strengthen and improve etc a ass manager who has a clue!And then see I'd say.

But sakcing after one season be stupid cause no doubt we're gana go through so many

As long as he sticks someone on the post!!

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