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  1. I don't post here much but I do lurk here every so often, and he does come across exactly like you said everytime I come across his posts. Get that 'local fans are better than international fans' vibe from him. Hah! I dont give a fuck if I watch on TV and live millions mile away from the bridge, he can sit there in the stadium with his pals and that wont make me a lesser fan.
  2. Hey Cholo and the only place. You're both freaking annoying, hows that for solving your endless arguments?
  3. Uhmm maybe australians would genius. Dimitar, your posts are silly most of the time.
  4. oi Putang ina mo, suarez will never sign for us. Get over it. Kumain ito, eat this: Dont know how you can still argue about something that you clearly wrote. Doesnt matter what you mean, if the general consensus views your message a certain way then its not them that is misunderstanding what you mean. "in the end its going to cost us this season if the club don't wake up and bring in Suarez!!!" Dont blame people for seeing this sentence as it is.
  5. Hey guys, believe it or not ive found konohasorangeflash's identity by chance. The funny thing is, from all of his racist remarks and his Australian pride. Hes not even australian, seems middle eastern or somewhere around there. I thought he was the proudest, whitest australian boy...
  6. Yeah it was his PM to me, i argued with him on the cricket thread asking him explain why australia is a superior country to england because he was just spouting it out without reasons. He then pmed me telling me to stop getting involved and discuss about Asia or wherever im from. It wasnt funny at all, if everyone goes by his logic then he has no business liking japanese comics because hes not japanese was what i replied to him. Ive lived in both england and australia so i have no bias, was just debating him in his views, ive experienced racism in both countries as well so this is nothing new.
  7. I agree with you that i wouldnt trade ramires mikel and lampard with those 3 as well. And judging from what he wrote, seems like he was only talking about our pivot players and didnt count mata oscar and hazard as a 'cm'. I was just mentioning you saying "So you would play with 3 defensive MF's? Good luck with that.." was incorrect. Unless you meant something else by it.
  8. He correctly called you out for calling dembele and paulinho a dm. I dont think they have the better midfield, I wouldnt swap our midfield with theirs, but calling dembele and paulinho dm's is not correct. You yourself explained in this post that they are not dm's. The fact that you needed to attack the people who liked his post tells everything about you. Tired of seeing people call others idiots for not having the same opinions, cant see a bright future when kids are being taught by people like these.
  9. You are embarrassing yourself homey, if you are looking at things in that perspective then your age also explains everything to pretty much everyone in this forum. Stringray is right, grow up matey. It is clear to most people but yourself that your replies are very childish. No its not clever, its done right childish.
  10. You're a fucking jerk bro. Ive only been here awhile but I can see that all your posts are full of arrogance, you belittle people who have differing opinions than you. True to the OZ stereotype you are MATE.
  11. Okay, understood. As i said that ghetto talk was just a joke to see what reaction people have of someone who talks in that manner. I apologise for the gwailou remark.
  12. How do you know that I am less educated than you are, you dont know who I am. Do you know my degree and annual income? you might think that i dont even have a job since im from the 'ghetto'. I will tell you something about me, i was born in a ghetto and ive made it out there and im doing alright in the world and no i dont think im better than you or lesser than you. And number of post and time as a member means jack, its petty to think that you are better or have more privilege than me because you posted more and longer in a forum. Then maybe if ive been in this world longer than you shouldnt
  13. Who are you to judge how i write? I also remembered your comment on my intro thread, obviously it was all a joke so who cares. You are in Shanghai? What if the Chinese people there judge your Chinese speaking?? Gwailou. Im not looking for a fight, but I think its petty to judge someone elses speaking. Not sure how you will react if you actually meet someone from the ghetto And also I said brah, not bra Definition of brah noun informal, chiefly US & South African a male friend or associate:
  14. No prob brah, wasnt debating was just asking your point of view. Thanks for the link
  15. can u explain how evolution become a thorem not a theory? what makes it so true? And why is there there are only humans? Why arent there other creatures who also 'evolved' to something that has a capability and intelligence of humans? We are unique no? there are no other living organism that has the capacities a human does
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