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  1. Hahahah mount angry eyes get out of the pitcH , bring germans fellas and kovacic get out mount odoi and lukaku
  2. fabregas is pure shit agains big teams... we need cm who can run..
  3. william should sell asap never see so brainless player
  4. Lmaof this william is pure shit he need to be sell.
  5. people speaking about Lukaku like he is Pele .. im sure Belloti is better .. Lukaku is overrated kid !
  6. i hope we wouldn't get him .. he wanted MAN utd let him wait for them .. we need main strike not second strike
  7. image him and lorente as strikes hahaha would be a funny
  8. we can go with him as main strike xD
  9. he is total shit player.. very selfish.. pedro is better he is downgrade of pedro
  10. shame on jose... i dont know is newcastle or barcelona... total outplayed us .. shame hazard pedro fabregas.. playing with those woods on team .. who cant pass anybody just check newcastle left back and right back.. non stop attack . how many times azpi and ivanovic have past half of the pitch
  11. i like jose but he is coach without balls ... how he treated moses remy schurle mikel cuardado oscar is unfair .. how he treated ivanovic matic fabregas terry cahill.
  12. and #CFC have told Atletico they are not interested in any swap deals ROFL
  13. he want to leave .. why chelsea must pay Release clause for him ?
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