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  1. If he was going to do any transfers, id go for the following: GK - Out: maybe Turnbull (?), Hilario. In - Begovic Def - Out: Paulo. In - Van Der Wiel, David Luiz. Mid - Out: Benayoun. In - Alexis Sanchez, maybe Jordan Henderson (any views on this?). Att - Out: maybe Anelka (?) In: Lukaku or if Many City get him, Andy Carrol. That would be my shopping list . Feel free to comment on it.
  2. Id rather we get Andy Carrol than Darren Bent....He's a great instinctive striker (according to stats since 2005 hes scored 81 PL goals, bettered by only the Drog and Shrek with 82), but besides that he cant really hold it up or drop off or anything.
  3. I know this seems irrelivant what with the Lukaku debate...But he's a Chelsea fan .
  4. Yeah ive just seen a few videos of him. He plays on the left but cuts in on his right foot, loves using tricks, probably over uses the "flip-flap" that Ronaldinho does. Hes ginger...I dont know why, but i thought id mention that...As since Sidwell left we havent got a token ginger in the squad. Good with the long range shots, takes free kicks Ronaldo style and is good for corners....Maybe Chelsea actually DO know what theyre doing for once =0???? (Dont qoute me on that)
  5. I wouldent mind giving this guy a go. He's English and clearly has SOME talent. Whynot. And as for the Dan Gosling thing. If we do sign him we will face the same scenario as with Sturridge in regards to owing Everton money for "developing" him.
  6. Gareth Bale anyone??? Tottenham scum yes...But good, British and young...Yes.
  7. To back up both of your points, Arsenal are saying that Joe Cole can sign for them IF HE ACCEPTS TO LOWER HIS WAGE DEMANDS BY 50%. What a burn. He tried to play the market for better wages, and he has failed. Comon Joe, lets get you back inside the bridge...You tried didnt you? *Puts big towel over Joe Cole's shoulders and shepered's him inside*
  8. He is a great player, and at 23 he would help bring the average age of the squad down. But we kind of have left sided players. I wouldent complain if he came to Stamford Bridge, i just think we should focus on other positions first, like.....the RIGHT of midfield ^.^
  9. The problem is, that Yaya is only leaving Barca because he cant get regular football. And the Barca Manager "pep/twat" think his agent is a bit of a dick, always trying to improve his contract with better wages and stuff......He wouldent get regular football at Chelsea (well, with how Essien gets injured maybe), and if he starts causing trouble with his agent fannying around tryna ruin the wage structure then that would be a bit of a pointless signing. I dont really want him, i trust John Obi Mikel ......Its not a position that we really need to waste over £20 million on really.
  10. I think this is where the chelsea youth academy fails as of yet....Weve mastered the getting young talent, making them better...Then we loan them out...And instead of playing them we sell them. I think it would be a shame to see him go, as he clearly has enough talent to help with a Dutch league title....But i think he probably will go, as its unlikely he will get many chances to play for Chelsea.
  11. I have some slightly better news....Liverpool now want £10 million for him. Chelsea will never play ball with that, for a back up player, or just a player like him...After being qouted 6million. I think this will dissapear in a few days if they dont cave and accept 6 million: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-1282954/Liverpool-demand-10m-Chelsea-wantaway-Yossi-Benayoun.html Hells yes!
  12. Apparently we have signed Croatian captain Srna. I say "apparently" as it might not be true lol. Dunno what to make of all this: http://Chelsea.theoffside.com/Chelsea/Chelsea-have-signed-srna-say-4-4-2-com.html
  13. Heres a random fact. Higuain is only on £15,000 a week wages at Real Madrid.....What a burn. He might want to leave because they wont meet his new contract demands which are going up to a staggering...Wait for it...50,000 a week! LOL. This guy is pretty cheap by modern standards and a good finisher, apparently people say hes not that good at creating chances, only taking them, but either way, at Chelsea you get loads of chances as a striker.
  14. This is such a load of bollocks....Man United have been reported for tapping up a 15 year old French kid THIS transfer window...What happens to them...Fuck all....This is just a vendetta against Chelsea. Just like Uefa, FIFA dont like the fact that Chelsea were taken over by a rich owner and became successfull in a short period of time...Uefa are always being wankers to Chelsea. And this is also a vendetta against English clubs, because Eduardo has been banned for 2 games for diving....Whens the last time players got banned for diving..It happens. Its total shit. Butttt...My dad told me Roma g
  15. Rafael de Souza Rodolfo And heres the relevant article: http://www.sport.co.uk/news/Football/25348/City_pip_Premier_League_rivals_to_coveted_Brazilian_starlet_.aspx I thought there was a law about Brazilians under a certain age?
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