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  1. More than you twat. Now go support Roma.
  2. I suppose this forum will lose a lot of members now. There's alot of Carlo FC supporters on here,I'll say bye to you all and good luck supporting Roma,West ham or wherever Carlo ends up.
  3. One that can rotate,motivate,change a game,play good football,not lose so many games in a season,not go out of the CL without so much of a whimper,utilise a £50m striker properly.
  4. Feel sorry for Carlo,I mean he's only just walked away with an extra £6m for doing nothing. poor bloke,how will he cope?
  5. We've only finished a measly 4 points higher than our last season BEFORE Roman came along. It's just not good enough,Roman did the right thing.
  6. If he was here another year,nothing would have changed. Still won't utilise the squad or learn how to change a game or motivate players. I just hope Roman gets it right this time.
  7. Phew. I thought we might of had to put up wiith another year of that. Thankyou for last season but ciao,back to serie A where those performances are acceptable.
  8. I hope so. I really hope Roman gets it right this time. It will be our most important signing of the summer.
  9. 3 things. He never gives youth a chance. Probably many other things too that have been listed on previous pages but can't be arsed. Can't be arsed abit like Carlo really.
  10. :goodpost: :champions: Post of the season.
  11. Looks like you were wrong about Carlo now just give it up.
  12. That's disgusting but doesn't surprise me at all. He could have easily started Ferreira today. Surprised Torres got a game today,he's totally destroyed some players confidence this season.
  13. Should have put him out of his misery around xmas time. Roman has been cruel to the players and fans letting it drag on this long.
  14. Nice to see Carlo give the youth a chance today. Thank god it's the end of him.
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