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  1. top video indeed,gave me goosebumbs
  2. when do they announce the other awards?
  3. prepare for a summer full of Real-Hazard talk.
  4. pat nevin on Hazard Which of course brings us to Eden. The other week on this page I said with good team defending, it was likely that Eden Hazard will be the man who wins the league for us if we make it to the top of the pile at the end of the season. His influence has become so pronounced it is basically accepted wisdom now that he is the one opponents have to stop above all others. Remember other managers know this and they still cant seem to do anything about him. Fouling, doubling up, sometimes trebling up on him, trying to stop service getting to him or trying to get his marker to push h
  5. Mourinho does have a point, i cant think of many players that performed better THIS season than Eden. Did Neymar, Robben, Suarez,Bale etc had a better season than him? Ofcourse many will say they scored/assisted more but did they carry their team to a title?
  6. one moment of brilliance that gave us 3 important points!
  7. Hazard like(love) the club,he's not a guy that kiss the badge out of nothing. i wont be suprised if he stays here to become a chelsea legend.
  8. dont think so, a vote is a vote, misstake or not
  9. those comments tough "ox is a better dribbler than hazard" ???
  10. He should win it and most likely will win it with kane as ypoty. not that it matter much but his invidual trophies would be like: 3x ypoty(2 in france and 1 england) 3x poty ( 2 in france and 1 in england) also if he manage to get in the team of the year it would be the 6th time in his career,quite impressive for a 24 year old
  11. Hazard has scored nine premier league penalties out of nine,no player in division's history has taken that many and scored them all. www.chelseafc.com
  12. you start to realise how good your player is when barca fans come here to say that Neymar is the better player(lol)
  13. you have to take in consideration who they play together with to get those assists tough,neymar got worldclass players like Messi and Suarez that can easely finish of those assists while Hazard had torres,Oscar etc.
  14. so in other words, if Eden was english there wouldn't be a discussion who would be poty?
  15. right now? perhaps, not even sure that Robben is better. in 2/3 years when Eden hits his best years he will be twice the player Robben ever was.
  16. how good will this guy be in his prime years?,its a scary tought . Yesterday he played like a boss, he was everywhere on the pitch, claiming the ball and pushed the team forward. Like JT said in his post game intervieuw, he's already up there with the very best in the world but you feel he still can get better, we didnt see the end of this amazing player yet, not even close.
  17. tweet of the day [emoji12]
  18. i didnt notice much of tiredness, tought he was very active and once again the best man on the pitch
  19. dont he use nr 1 with the NT?
  20. http://www.espnfc.com/club/chelsea/363/blog/post/2372081/eden-hazard-should-win-player-of-the-year-awards-by-a-landslide 100% agree with this
  21. showed great mental strength today after his error, my motm
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