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  1. That was a fault on the defender.....
  2. How on earth is that a red card??????
  3. Was his 50th league goal today in 155 games. Quicker dan Lamps (184) and Zola (197)
  4. http://www.footballwhispers.com/blog/next-generation-gianfranco-zola-vs-eden-hazard?utm_source=talk-chelsea&utm_medium=affiliates I think its possible for him to match Zola's status at chelsea if you consider that he's prime years still have to come.
  5. Everyone dropping points so far!!!!! Thus could be our weekend!!!
  6. What on earth did Mourinho do to him last season? it just cant be coincidence,does it?
  7. i swear,we are playing better football then in the first six months from the champions year
  8. He just go in fastforward mode to the thirth year,the getting sacked year by skipping the building year,and the champions year. Well played Mou,well played.
  9. Thorgan's fighting mentality in eden's body and we would have a worldbeater
  10. Hopefully he learned how to defend at psg
  11. He said everything by pretending to say nothing. Even if he's right its still unprofesional,the guy should stop giving intervieuws from now on.
  12. Was his lazy self once again last night. Tbh i prefer Carrasco over Hazard,with Eden you never realy know what to expect ,with yannick atleast you know he will fight and give his everything like he did in yhe cl final.
  13. Who cares about Guardiola,i hope WE destroy him!
  14. His second spell here was never his first choice,think we can all agree on that. Anyway wishing him all the bad luck in the world.
  15. His best game of the season... okay that doesnt mean much but could he says he was on last seasons level
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