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  1. What a classy comment from a moderator ???
  2. Last night in motd: Silva was one of the best midfielders in the PL for the past 4-5years,with KDB city got an upgrade for that!! I would love to have Silva......but we let the upgrade go for peanuts. This is gonne be worse than united and pogba
  3. Its not over, in fact it just has started im afraid....
  4. Every year we play PSG there are intervieuws with Hazard in the French media and every year they are saying he will join them... Every year people on this forum believe every word of it,hilarious really
  5. If you are a talented young player you should stay away as far as possible from Chelsea lol
  6. Its been nearly 2 years i recon, after the debacle with Thorgan
  7. Does he even have an agent? Dont think he had another agent since Bico or whatever his name was.
  8. Matic you fucking wanker just piss of geeeeezzzzz
  9. hazard's problem is that he doesnt have a pr machine behind him like most top players/coaches have simply because he doesnt care. So there is no one that will say that those rumours are false and most likely they are false, i quess some people are blinded by their love for Mourinho and believe everything the media write.
  10. A traitor lol, the guy is having the most difficult time he ever had in his career and you label him as a traitor? Like Barbara said, this place is hopeless
  11. I always use fromsport, the first link on the matchlist always works on ios
  12. I absolutly hate that guy ,its a cunt of the highest order and on top of that he adds nothing at all to our game
  13. If remy doesnt jump its always a penalty meh
  14. From hero to zero in about 2 months. Just remember form is temporary,class is permanent.
  15. At this rate we will be lucky to get 50 mil for him, never saw a player decline so much
  16. 1-0 and they stop playing, thats my biggest problem with Mourinho
  17. KDB is atleast a level above everyone else we have, we will never know what exactly happend between him and mou, but what i do know is that its a very bitter pill to swallow, the boy just always deliver something we need badly.
  18. Who says Reus wants to come here, or Bale for the matter? Those are worldclass ATTACKING players just like Hazard, im not convinced they wanne play for a defencive minded coach.
  19. Atletico all over again, this time it can be the end tough
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