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  1. He was clearly getting back in form, should have benched him earlier not now.
  2. this team dont wanne play for Mou anymore, thats clear now
  3. I just dont see the point of doing it, its wasting good oppertunities most of the time
  4. He always slows the game down for some reason
  5. Atm it is, but it will raise again. Every league have their periods of ups and downs if you look at the past10-20 years, even spain.
  6. What a player he could be with the right mentality but he's way to lay back. I always hoped he would become a hard working player on training but that doesnt seem the case,talentwise surely one of the best in the world but you need more than that.
  7. If he wants to showbsome balls he need to bench iva and cesc
  8. Sometimes im really ashamed that he plays for our club, cunt!
  9. Something is wrong, he's mind is not with the game for some reason.
  10. On a bad run? really? Its much deeper than just bad run,what about his favourite players playing ( Iva, cesc, matic, Hazard)like crap over and over again while others dont get any decent chance??? You make it sound like this place is only for the Mourinho worshippers, people have their doubts about him and rightfully so
  11. Letting KDB go will haunt us for a very long time.
  12. does Hazard even care?????? wtf is wrong with this guy
  13. the level of goldfish memories is quite high here
  14. How can you flop when you had a grand total of 168 official playing minutes at a club? Oscar had much worse games that KDB ever had,only difference is that Oscar is/was a favourite and KDB not.
  15. was at the game tonight, he's clearly getting better. Fantastic run that ended with a penalty
  16. The same as with the other 80%of the squad ,they dont seem to care
  17. Ofcourse he did, it was tribute to Malanda
  18. That or he wins poty, thats also very likely, its 50/50 sigh
  19. 35-40 mil real value and the rest of it just to troll chelsea and mourinho
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