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  1. I think he loves his family quite a bit more than a football club. Edit: never mind, I misunderstood
  2. Matic and Hazard were the only ones who showed up tonight. No offensive support from the rest, figures on whoscored say it all really.
  3. Don't think it was pressure. He was still recuperating too much from his run and the run before the penalty. The boy gave a lot. I feel sad for him he misses now.
  4. Wooow, what is this?! I mainly read this forum. I've read a lot because a forum let people express their opinions, even if it's critism. When written in a respectful manner there's absolutely no problem with critism. And there's always the mods to intervene when it gets out of hand (namecalling, ad hominem,...). A beautiful thing to be able to express yourself and be heard. Absolutely no need to ask people to shut up. Awful post, really awful.
  5. Kellzfresh, what are you on about? Did I say I don't want him to play like that for Chelsea? No, I did not. Did I say anything about Mourinho's tactics stopping Hazard from shining? No, I did not. I was just informing you lot about how he performed for Belgium against Colombia, cause I figured some people here would like to know that since he plays for Chelsea, right? If you don't care about knowing that, then just skip it. I also expressed my opinion on the tendency of people wanting to change his play style.
  6. True that. Why does the majority here want to change his game? It would be unnatural for him. He'll get there and add more goals to his game, in time. But his main game will always be that of a feeder. I highly doubt we'll ever see him take take 5-6 shots a game on average. Anyway, Eden was really bossing it last night vs .Colombia, he was a delight to watch. I haven't seen him play like that for Chelsea this season besides the match against Real Madrid (preseason) and Bayern. I was really surprised actually, given his current form for Chelsea. Yesterday, if I recall correct, there was only on
  7. Bullocks. I can be clear on that one.
  8. Okay, I kinda see what you're getting at now but I think you misformulated it a bit cause Townsend would still be able to make his runs higher up the pitch (because Tottenham had players in midfield that can hold a ball and buy time and possession or carry or pass the ball out and towards players who are positioned higher up the pitch). But I don't think Townsend is the type of player that should be double marked. Maybe it was instructed by Mourinho, we can't know that for sure. It's more logical that Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard, Ribery, Robben are double marked (and I don't mean to say Eden is at
  9. I would like to have a discussion with you but not like this. Don't put words in my mouth. I'm talking about how Hazard functions in this team. I never compared him to Ribery (or Robben or COle) because he's not at that level. Furthermore, I never said Ribery doesn't help out in defence. I wasn't even saying the game plan should change because of Eden (don't even know where you got that from...). I even said "maybe he'll adapt, maybe he won't". And if he doesn't and the game plan or philosophy doesn't help him develop further or does him more bad than good (offensive), he'll probably has to le
  10. Euhm, I'm confused and I don't get it. How should Hazard stop Townsend from raping Cole? You expect him to provide cover for Cole? Hazard is the attacking player of the 2, so that's odd to me but we might just see soccer differently. Anyway, Eden has probably done more defensive contributions this seasons than offensive. I bet he's done more tackles and recuperations than dribbles, he did today at least. I looked it up: 1,8 tackles and 1 clearance per game so far compared to 2,2 dribbles and 2 shots per game. Balanced I'd say but I think last season the difference was way bigger (got no number
  11. DId he say that for that purpose Mikel - Ramires is the best pairing or is that your opinion and did he just say he wants to play possession football?
  12. I hope you're joking? Them 2 in the pivot is a really horrible at some moments. 1st Half was awful. Don't expect fancy soccer and tidy passes going forward when Ramires and Mikel are playing. Midfield is just weak, compared to the other top clubs.
  13. I fully agree. Midfield is just too weak to be a genuine contender for the league title. Sure they can win a ball back but then what happens...
  14. It seems like Lukaku played a lot higher up the field than Torres, no?
  15. I get what you're saying. I sometimes have that impression too, especially in the beginning of last season. But don't forget that Ronaldo tracks back less often and Eden has to do his defensive work as well which gives him less energy to constantly go full throttle.
  16. I've torned both my right and my left ACL (on separate occasions). I don't even know which leg I turned, I can't remember and I didn't really see Kevin's injury cause I always look away when they show replays of knees bending . But first time (right knee) nothing was swollen. Doctor just said it was probably just a bit stretched. Second time it was swollen, although not that much. I felt a crack though on both occacions (don't know if Kevin did) and I had a short yell but was not screaming it out afterwards. So, I'm just saying that it's possible, everybody's body reacts differently. But I hop
  17. I'm not going to get into the De Bruyne vs. Oscar discussion (time will tell) but I do want to say that quite a lot of people here underestimate the strength of the bundesliga and overestimate the EPL quite a bit. I'm definitely with Stingray on this one. "2/3 of all teams in the bundesliga are championship level"....I mean....championship right? Seriously? That sounds really unworldly.
  18. Not really following here. Can you explain that a bit? This opposition is too weak to draw any conclusions for me anyway.
  19. I feel the same way about that. I'm glad I finally found someone . Sometimes it's like a competition to put the most numbers in a definition of a formation (4-3-2-1, 4-1-2-1-2, 4-2-3-1,...just draw it out ffs, that would make things clear). Anyway, for me those numbers define the formation when the team has the ball (and even then it's all about fluidity). When not in possession, it can change, depending on how the opponent plays and the instructions you get (e.g. 10 falls back to central midfield, fullbacks give cover more upfield, wingers track back really far,...)
  20. Rmpr, really, better by a landslide? Can you give some arguments too? Cause that's a really daring statement and hard to assess, imo.
  21. There, that should be the end of this whole discussion !
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