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  1. Damn I missed this sensation when you scream your lungs out on a goal..
  2. If this guy leaves, we're fucked.
  3. I don't understand a fucking word but I love this https://youtu.be/yhIqzZ4wrJo?t=205
  4. MihaiM24


    https://streamable.com/yhho He hates Tottenham, He hates Tottenham He Hates Tottenham and He Hates Tottenham
  5. https://streamable.com/yhho He hates totenham
  6. MihaiM24


    I know Oscar is shit, but he had moments when he ran the show in Brazil.. why can't he do the same thing for us ffs
  7. MihaiM24


    Expect to sell this guy to Juve and tear the league apart.. like every player we sell ffs
  8. So we bought Pato to play Terry up front.. nice
  9. Matic pays off debts of his home village back in Serbia
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