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  1. Thanks man, had no idea about this.
  2. Do you have any source for that? I'm not doubting you, I've just never heard of this before and am geniunly curious. Is also seems a little dubious, wouldn't it be illegal for us to just "give him" 32M? I would think we would need to talk to Atletico first. I realise this isn't the case when clubs meet the buyout clause, but if it's indeed the player who has to buy himself out, wouldn't it be illegal for us to talk to him directly?
  3. Just scored again, in off the post. Really like the look of him. Also I haven't noticed any of his "cunt-iness" that people have been raving around. Balotelli on the other hand has been whining about everything.
  4. Every player, in at least the spanish BBVA league (don't know how it is with the lower leagues), has to have a release clause in their contract. Usually on these "star players" the release clause is ridiculously high (like 300mp or so), so a better question would be.. Why would Real Madrid have such a low release clause with a player of Varane's calibre? Personally I doubt it's that low. But on the other hand, without any more research than a google search, it looks like his contract was signed 2011, which is way before he was worth his current value, so it might just be.
  5. All comments like that have to be taken with a pinch of salt. Seeing as Milan won't be getting champions league football next season, I wouldn't be surprised if he indeed would consider moving somewhere else. If you add the comments he said regarding "mutual respect" and "real friendship" with Mourinho I think we really do have a realistic shot of signing him this summer. That being said, if he can't be controlled he won't be worth the money. But if Mourinho were to bring him in I would have full confidence in him bringing out the best of Balotelli, both on pitch and off it. He does seem to h
  6. Apparently he was extremely unhappy with being substituted tonight. He even threw his gloves to the ground. Perhaps the chance of signing him is greater than we thought. Here's a video/vine of it, if anyone is interested. https://vine.co/v/MuVTwrPaEJI
  7. Wow. The only position we have absolutely NO need for improving. Really hope this doesn't go through... I see a lot more of negatives to this possible transfer than positives.
  8. Hazard is of course worth more now then when we bought him. At that time Bale was more valuable than him, or at least similar.
  9. Doubt that they are usually the 7th biggest spenders in the league, last 4 seasons their net transfer spend has been in profit. Not that I think he's performed some sort of a miracle at Everton, but he has done pretty well considering the budget. Don't think hell be able to deliver at Man Utd though.
  10. Seen a lot of people criticizing his handball vs Ghana. I know the guy does some awful things (like biting Ivanovic of course), but am I the only one who finds it ridiculous to criticize him for the handball? He wasn't "cheating". He knew he would be sent off and he took the chance which worked. For me it's sheer passion. I know I at least would never slate a player of our own for doing that in a champions league final. Anywho think this is a good signing for Arsenal if it goes through, assuming he won't be banned for most of the season.
  11. United won the PL last season without a doubt because of Ferguson, their squad was nowhere near the quality of Man City in my opinion. Don't underestimate the influence from the manager. No matter who we sign, Mourinho will be our "signing of the season".
  12. Definately the best back up 'keeper. Think he should play all of the league cup games no matter how far we go. The F.A. cup is a little more prestigious, not sure about that one. Wouldn't mind seeing him playing all of those as well though. A great signing, extremely happy with the board.
  13. Not sure how reliable The Times are, but this comforts my nerves. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/sport/football/clubs/manchesterunited/article3759033.ece
  14. Our system doesn't do strikers like Higuain justice. He's good at what he does, but I'm very sceptical that he would shine here. Our forwards need to be able to connect and move the ball around with our main men, the three behind the striker. Personally, I think Higuain would be a very bad buy considering our formation and players.
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