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  1. I think there could be trouble whatever club we get!!! There all known for hooligan elements and all hate the english...and Blue Lion those United fans didn't just randomly get stabbed, they were looking for a fight and they saw the Roma lot and started on them and got stabbed.
  2. Dear God, please give us Celtic.......PLEASEEEEEEEEE!
  3. Cheers But could you imagine yourself singing that at Stamford Bridge?
  4. Whats that breaking into my house is it a scouser is it a scouser
  5. Its to the 'Top of the league, were having a laugh' tune
  6. AHAHAHA those are quality. Did you do them?? love the last one haha
  7. He didn't stand much chance at birmingham really, I think the bloke thats taking them over was going to get rid of him anyway.
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/g...ers/7100368.stm Newcastle boss Sam Allardyce wants to take his former Bolton defender Tal Ben-Haim for a knockdown £1m from Chelsea. (People)
  9. I think this will happen, but I think we'll get more than £1 million, I think we'll get around £3 million!
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