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  1. Sad but true http://www.beinsport.fr/football/article/y989nwxf1zfa1hhgh5t84n7mb/title/psg-blanc-confirme-pour-cavani
  2. Jupp Heynckes - Bayern (3 times)/Borussia Mönchengladbach Fabio Capello - Milan/ Real Madrid
  3. Rob Beasley: I am delighted to officially announce that there will be no official announcement from Chelsea today!
  4. Jose Mourinho has agreed a four-year contract to return as Chelsea manager. http://sulia.com/duncancastles/f/ccec6b50-508d-4aab-b360-bbc9df54c171/?source=twitter&guid=ccec6b50-508d-4aab-b360-bbc9df54c171
  5. Benitez rules Eden Hazard out of the game. John Terry's fitness will be assessed tomorrow.
  6. Fuck off Benitez, You're not wanted here!
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