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  1. Chelsea FC midfield star set to be awarded new £4.8m contract deal. Nemanja Matić was initially signed from Slovakian outfit Košice back in 2009. As a youngster at a star packed Chelsea, he struggled to find his place in the first team and left on a permanent deal in 2011 where he joined Portuguese side Benfica. The young Serbian midfielder had three impressing years in Portugal, and several top flight clubs were fighting for his signature in the 2014 January transfer window. However, he opted for his old club, Chelsea FC, where he signed a five-and-a-half-year contract for a reported fee of €
  2. Hey everyone! This is REALLY offtopic, but I hope someone here can help me out. I've recently started my own business with a couple of friends, and we are about ready to go. We do need a logo though, and my attempts have been inadequate, to say the least. I was wondering if someone on here could help me out? I will of course pay for the work done either directly to the person or as a donation to TalkChelsea. Keep in mind our budget is low, so we haven't got all the money in the world. Our website is www.omnima.dk - we do affiliate marketing and corporate social media management. I really hope
  3. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is interested in bringing in 44 year-old keeper as a backup to first choice keeper Thibaut Courtois, should Petr Cech leave in the summer. In the start of the current season, questions were raised as to who would be chosen as the first choice keeper at Chelsea - the legend Petr Cech or the impressing, young talent Thibaut Courtois. The young Belgian was given the nod, and has settled extremely well to the life in the Barclays Premier League. As a result, Petr Cech who joined Chelsea from French club Rennes in 2004 is seeking first-team football elsewhere, with cl
  4. Shootings in Copenhagen. Horrific. 3 people shot dead, 5 police officers wounded. One of three killed is the supposed killer. Sad they couldn't get the fucker alive, if it is indeed him. Rest in peace to all affected by this cruel and inhumane attack.
  5. Completed the survey Would love an Amazon gift card. Good luck with your research!
  6. I remember two years ago when Hazard, Oscar and the likes were signed. We were all talking about how great the future would be as a Chelsea fan. Buckle up, lads. Everything is coming together. THE FUTURE IS NOW
  7. Phil Dowd was beyond shit. My fucking God...... Every little decision, every niggle went their way. I lost count of the amount of freekicks they were given. Pathetic.
  8. Two strikers actually able to score goals? Is this Chelsea FC? Is this real life?
  9. As a complete novice on the topic (hands down), I find this whole national independence question very interesting. Let's say Scotland would do fine economically without the union. Would you then support Scottish independence? Of course there are downsides to going independent. Many countries have done it successfully though. And is it really only a question about money? Nationalism is on the rise most places, so naturally the Scots may want to be 'free'. Agreed, it may not be the best timing ever, but it is, afterall, their country.... Hmpf...
  10. You cannot hail the board enough for their achievements in the transfer market as of late. Replaces Torres with Remy. Matic, Fabregas, Costa, Luis. Azpi, Hazard, Oscar. We've got a sexy looking squad at the moment. Long may it continue!
  11. Hahahahahahaha! Today, police have been running around the central railstation in Copenhagen armed with submachine guns and kevlar vests, searching for what was described as a 'mysterious character'. A woman called the police, saying that she had observed strange behaviour from a passenger on one of the trains. He carried a large bag, looked very nervous and was reading a book of globalisation and the war against terror. When they both left the train a device fell out of his bag, and he looked even more nervous than before. It turned out to be an English student, who was about to attend an exa
  12. Think Cech will start, but hope it's Thibaut.... Regardless...... COME ON CHELSEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
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