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  1. I sure hope this bloke never puts on a Chelsea shirt again!
  2. Why on earth would you want a relatively unknown player from Augsburg to replace Azpi? Baba may have som future prospect, but as first choice on left back. There is a 0% chance that is going to happen.
  3. Just get Costa out. As I wrote earlier, he look heavy on the pitch. Absolutely no need for his bullshit!
  4. Costa looks very very heavy out there. He should not be playing!
  5. What a shame for Cuadrado. Has Mou already lost faith in him?
  6. Seems like a lot of you guys hope to see AC playing. My Danish heart is hoping for the same! Looks like didierforever hit starting eleven - would love to see that formation as well!
  7. Well, makes it easier for Mou to pick the squad for the weekend's match. Neither Salah or Andre will be anywhere near the starting lineup!
  8. I reckon a win in this match - without any fucking around. 2 or 3-0 is my guess. Tibo Brana Terry Cahill Felipe Cesc Matic Willian Oscar Eden DIEGO
  9. Oy lads. Didn't have the change of seeing this match yesterday, but what I can read from here, and the newspapers, Schürrle and Salah were crap? These are games (especially Salah) they have to show themselves. It seems as if Salah is moving more and more away from the first team, and will we see a sale in the winter or summer window? Schürrle is still a vital part of the team, even though he is playing some shit matches, he will redeem himself. And what about Christensen? He is receiving a lot of praise in the Danish newspapers, and as a Dane I am absolutely delighted to see this
  10. I reckon him and Terry getting along fine
  11. 10 million quid for Ryan, I'll take that every day. Good lad, but was never anywhere near a top class full back if you ask me. Anyway, I wish him all good
  12. You guys reckon Andreas Christensen playing tonight? As a Dane it would be great to see him in the starting line-up
  13. Couldn't see that happening. Cech need whatever games he can get!
  14. What? Totally disagree. IMO they are boy class, and I love 'em both. Reus would be class, but not a chance in the world he'll leave Germany. He is going to Bayern!
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