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  1. I fully trust Tuchel to find solutions how to bring our attackers into the final third into a scoring position. However, our attackers need to be as sharp as Havertz‘ cheekbones so we have a comprehensive win.
  2. Don‘t know about you lot but I would hate supporting a team like United without any soul, any playing style and just relying on penalties of Penandes. They play a disgusting brand of football and every win is just like an accident that happened...what is the long-term plan there? Still, that result puts our draw against them into perspective
  3. Suddenly I feel much better about our draw against ManU
  4. Suddenly I feel much better about our draw against ManU
  5. Who would have thought when Thiago was injured that we would be struggling to put him back into the team when he is fit since Christensen played like Baresi. Amazing.
  6. Converting chances into goals is what we will need. Tuchel will again make sure that our attackers come near the goal but it‘s the job of our players to score. Very confident about the match, would be very disappointing to not get 3 points.
  7. Because we got lucky, our points tally didn‘t deserve CL football. Our opponents were all in crisis.
  8. I‘m entitled to my opinion. I support the club, no fake legends.
  9. Amazing how a weak PE teacher who plays a shower of shit style and manages to lose against every dross still gets so much appreciation. The coward fucked off last time to City. His deluded c*ck s*ckers should follow him. This guy put us in the mess our proper coach has to correct now. Even the players were fed up of the arrogant West Ham boy and City legend. He can only sit in his chair, fold his arms and do fuck all. That‘s it. If you are going to argue that I am being disrespectful to a club legend-he is no legend for me. Terry, Drogba are legends. Lampard is just a City merchant w
  10. He will need the summer to sort the team out on a whole but it is nothing less than incredible that he has managed to transform the team into such a powerhouse in that short time. Having watched the development over the last weeks, I have to say that Chelsea should go to Lampard‘s house and sack him again
  11. Without any summer preparation. Just wait when he sorts out the attack in summer. Bright times ahead. We finally have an incredibly tactical astute manager who knows his ropes and here in Germany he is known as tactical genius. COME ON TT COME ON Chelsea
  12. So when is the real test Tuchel has to pass so we know he is miles better than Lampard? Could somebody please elaborate?
  13. And Christensen would be off. No I won‘t support City, last time I checked Lampard fucked off to City
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