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  1. Tuchel is a genius. Lampard is shit. Case closed.
  2. Don‘t start such BS. With Lampard, we were losing to every shower of shit that League has. Why do people bring up one of the worst „coaches“ in Chelsea history when the team is not winning. We would be losing with Lampard because he couldn‘t even spell the word ‚defence‘
  3. Pretty shambolic to crash out against that Liverpool in crisis. Nagelsmann still needs a lot to become world class
  4. My only regret is what could have been if we had sacked Lampard in the summer and got Tuchel in. Then again, he wouldn‘t have left Paris in summer probably...man, Frank almost fucked up this season and the next one. So happy our board gets rid off losers as soon as it is obvious that they are failures.
  5. Face it, Werner is not good enough. Lampard was the biggest bottleneck but Werner is also holding us back.
  6. Tuchel can constantly be heard screaming at Timo, I strongly believe he is losing patience with him.
  7. Sell Werner in the summer, it won‘t work out. With a clinical striker we would be spanking oppositions.
  8. I reckon Havertz just killed any chance of Ziyech entering the team again. Deservedly.
  9. Look what a real coach does to players like Christensen and Havertz. A PE teacher just won‘t be able to guide young talents
  10. Tuchel instructing Kai n German: „Kai Kai Kai, go into the pockets, don‘t care about the three, go into the pocket there behind the triangle“ Man, I don‘t get what he means, Tuchel is too intelligent for me
  11. Nevertheless, Havertz having a good performance. This guy has too much talent to not succeed.
  12. Nah, Xhaka fought hard for the title
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