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  1. If we could improve the pivot defensively allowing Hazard more freedom and more combination possibilties with Fabregas (who could then mover to the n10 position), I think that'd convince him to sign a new deal.
  2. Well to be completely correct: Ferreira-Carrasco and Origi are actually KRC Genk's youth academy products (just like KDB and Courtouis).
  3. Sure a Matic and Witsel pivot would be difficult to breakdown. However while witsel might be technically gifted enough to play as CM, he tends to slow down te game too much. Using him as a pure DM would be silly considering Matic might already be the best in the world at that role/position. 30 million pounds is to much to warm the bench. Pogba might be quite more expensive but would create a better partnership with Matic I feel, also would be rather intimidating for any team to come and face us and would probably make our midfield the most physical in the world. Yaya Touré would become a littl
  4. There's quite a gap between them, when we look at both player's current ability though. Thorgan will need at least one more season in Germany or a different club and regular playing time before he can be even a substitute player. Yeah Well De Bruyne was one of the most important players in the national team and he wanted to play and impress at the World Cup, not playing was seriously risking his chances to play and the quality of his performances. Wilmots, the national coach regulary warned his players about this and has likely played quite a bit of role in KDB's transfer request.
  5. If that's your point then it sadly isn't relevant to the discussion. As the discussion is about goals and a player's role. CR7 has a very different role in the Real side then Hazard has, which makes for difficult comparison. So if you want to say that CR7 played LW, well okay, but what of it? Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump. I know that wasn't relevant but it is equally true.
  6. And if there is, he's probably one of ours.
  7. He has barely played at Roma this season and missed the second half on last season due to injury. I'd wait and see wether he can still get back to his old form first. Also if it is a Mikel replacement/improvement I'd rather would have liked them going after Di Rossi a while back (getting too old now to buy him) or Naingolan, who's been one of the best performers for AS Roma since his transfer last January.
  8. Nah, usually he dribbles past more defenders before he shoots on goal.
  9. Even in FM it doesn't really hold true.
  10. While Müller is an awesome player I'd prefer Reus. At this point Hazard is thinking and playing much faster than all our other players except for Cesc. With Reus our tempo and quick short combinations would improve by a lot. Also he could play in William's (and Shürrle's) place who both think slower than Oscar, who lags behind Cesc and Eden, but can at least keep up better. Müller wouldn't improve our passing game as much. Yes he's a good finisher but so is Diego. Remy isn't too shabby at it either. There are still quite a few very good CF's avaible, if we need another finisher I'd rather have
  11. And 6 key passes, 4 shot on target. Great play by him, but it wouldn't be too bad if he gets some goals as well. On the other hand, almost all of our other players haven't really done that much to win either. Matic was a beast as well though.
  12. He should get some training on 1 v 1 with the goalkeeper, he's been missing those kinds of clear cut chances way too often. I'm really happy about his runs and off ball movement though, it has improved significantly. According to whoscored.com he also made 14 succesfull dribbles! While he's showing more and more influence and tries more to change games, he needs a little more end product. But that could come soon as he usually isn't really scoring that much in the beginnings of seasons.
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