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  1. Since the current situation defies all logic and there really is no rational justification, I'll just say this: Eva Carneiro, ladies and gentlemen; Eva Carneiro... The woman who brought down Mourinho's empire! She must have been having an affair with Hazard and the latter is now deliberately underpreforming until M is out ... Who's with me?
  2. Form is temporary, class stays!! As bad as we feel right now, the offensive players will regain their form eventually. In my opinion, the only thing we structurally have to improve is our defence. Let's do damage control until winter, splurge on reinforcements and then come out all guns blazing...
  3. Stones... What a monster!!! Also, bring back Eva! This shit started happening after she was removed - our lucky charm...
  4. O, you misunderstood! Fabregas in my mind would anyway always play next to Matic and behind Willian/Oscar. Ibrahimovic would in fact be a bit much but having a top-class alternative to Costa when he's out of form/out injured can never harm, right?
  5. Biggest signing since Hazard for me if this comes through, on a par with what Reus would have meant... Him on the right wing will be exactly the kind of ointment to cure the throbbing Achilles heel that our attack has become. Doubters will just ... eat their words in some weeks andquietly set off to hate other things Rejoyce brethren! Rejoyce! If Rahman turns out to be any good then we can bring Ivanovic to the center and let that debacle end. Then, to top it all, we just have to add Ibrahimovic to the squad to become the foie gras of football once again... Oy yeah, Cuadrado and Mikel to bu
  6. Same as everybody, I guess. A top central defender to compete with Cahill, improvement in CM for Mikel and Ramires and a top RM/CAM! The most exhilirating incoming transfers for me would be Varane, Witsel and Pedro or Reus. Not that much meat on the market, though, so realistically I think we'll have to lower our expectations. At the same time it's true that we can't go on a spending spree each year... or can we ?
  7. I'm kind of worried though that we've done pretty poorly in the transfer-department so far, without any real assets set to join us... whereas our direct opponents have strengthened their squads considerably. Cech joining Arsenal btw is the biggest worry for me... We just bolstered the one department that failed them in their titles races time and time again last seasons (defence) by handing them a point-winning keeper. Bring on the reinforcements please !!!
  8. Yeah, this game really was all about missed chances givin them the chance to sneak in
  9. On a different note, I have a hell of an important meeting in the morning at work. But f it... It's CHELSEHHHH
  10. De bruyne>Schurrle>Salah>Cuadrado... Willian aside, our RW policy has been really poor imo
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