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  1. using the full squad is important, so far rdm has only shown faith to his go- to guys such as obi mikel and ramires. both players have been well below par since the beginning of the season. lampard is old, he needs to be rested and kept fresh. cech azpilicueta cahill terry cole mikel romeu hazard oscar moses sturridge subs: turnbull, ivanovic, luiz, ramires, lampard, mata, torres
  2. you people are far too harsh on the manager that won us a double last year. disgusting really. yes he made mistakes but he is human and had we taken our chances we would have won comfortably. what i think we will see cech ivanovic cahill terry cole mikel lampard ramires mata hazard torres what i would want to see cech azpi cahill terry cole ramires lampard oscar mata hazard torres
  3. berbatov is the united striker we should be looking at. he doesn't fit united's hit and run style of play but for sure with mata, oscar, hazard and co he will fight right in with our continental cosmopolitan style of football
  4. no you don't. we did it with drogba alone and anelka playing mostly as rw. hulk is world class at rw and strike. he is the perfect solution.
  5. if this deal happens, it will happen around deadline day. we will give it a real go. he is our first priority after the azpi deal is concluded. he would be the last piece to rdm's puzzle.
  6. no, i would rather get dimitar for 5 million. would be the best buy of the summer!
  7. mikel is by no means worse than de jong. he is far more composed on the ball. de jong is too aggresive. we have a youngster who is aggresive- romeu. i would like to see the team develop him into a starting cdm.
  8. mikel is first choice regardless of what everyone here says, and if mikel is off form. did people forget about romeu and essien? de jong would not add anything at all to what we have.
  9. sorry but not required. we have mikel, romeu and essien. that's more than enough..
  10. the way i see it right mid- ramires, marin attacking mid- mata, oscar, piazon left mid- hazard, moses striker- torres, sturridge for the front four you've got 9 different options and all 9 of them have their own qualities. some of them world class, some of them good with great potential, some of them squad players. all in all, it's a quality amount of depth to have. also consider the fact that piazon and moses can play as emergency striker if ever needed (i certainly hope not) so it gives us options. i like the look of it. it has so much technical ability. let's see how we adjust it into our
  11. cant believe people complain about our CM's. lampard and mikel were awesome today for the majority until we had a player sent off. sure they're not as explosive as yaya toure. but they are very good within their own rights and ramires that guy is miles ahead of milner. our squad needs a right back and back up striker. we are good to go.
  12. cavani plays in the right of a 3 4 3, i wonder how chelsea would use him if that's the case. we could try a brazil style 4 2 2 2, or try cavani/torres on the right of an attacking 4 2 3 1 or a diamond with mata as a center midfield player and hazard in the 'hole'
  13. he is just world class. love watching edinson. cavani and torres dayuuuuuum
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