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  1. Why do they call him 'Robbie'? Just shows they don't see him as their boss, more like a friend. Frank is 34 in a few days and we got better players in the double pivot, and we got 2 of the most promising centre backs in the world, yet one of them is going to be stuck on the bench, maybe... If everything goes to plan, Terry will be found guilty (even David Cameron admitted he said bad things) and hopefully won't play for Chelsea again. Inb4Shitstorm Inb4SHMisaphaggot Inb4Shane
  2. Disappointing. That means that John 'lionheart' Terry and Fat Frank will continue to play. RDM has no authority in the dressing room, he is the one getting bossed around by the senioirs. Watch our season crumble like the last one at the beginning. IF Terry and Fatty have less playing time, then I will support RDM.
  3. Lampard has never been good in an England shirt. Hope this injury rules him out for a long period of time.
  4. You're pushing me to the limit SS. You've been attacking me for a while now but I've held back because I didn't cause any trouble. Just letting you know, I can get girls and I don't keep posting 'I don't have a girlfriend' wherever I go on these forums, unlike you.
  5. I actually did read after posting that. When I entered the thread I didn't read it because I can't read the whole thing in 1 second, hence the did not read was appropriate at that time, so no need to get depressed brah. And who the listens to this guy..
  6. Very happy with the ban. Will be over the moon when he gets sent to prison for being a racist.
  7. At the end of the day the only opinion that matters is that of Abramovich - and hopefully he picks pep
  8. Lampard = Bench Mikel = Sell Romeu = Bench Essien = Sell Meireles = Bench McEachran = Loan De Bruyne = Loan Ramires = Starter Mata = Starter Hazard = Starter Marin = Bench Malouda = Sell Hulk = Starter
  9. He's an absolute monster of a player, and only 24!
  10. We're going to play attacking football, not tika tiki taka or whatever. There's a difference between the two.
  11. This is a Chelsea forum and Terry was brought up in this topic. Btw, It's Pep's fault that Fabregas couldn't finish, Sanchez couldn't finish, Messi couldn't finish for 2 matches, Messi missing a penalty and Busquets missing an open goal.
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