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  1. Did the ticket section of the forum get removed? I can't see it anymore.
  2. I do think we should start a seperate thread and see how many we can get together. However, don't you think we should wait until next season? Everything is sold out now.
  3. @ Special Juan and Skunk: Brilliant that is already 3 people:) I'll send you a PM with my facebook details so we can keep in touch. I'll post a suggestion to meet up on talkchelsea before the beginning of next season.
  4. Absolutely true. I attended a game in Dortmund last season and stood on the south stand (yellow wall) and the atmosphere was amazing. The only experience that can match it was a Besiktas home game I attended on a holiday to Turkey a couple of years ago. On the south stand in Dortmund they have flip seats as I believe it is a requirement to have all seater stadiums for European games but no one uses them. That along with the tickets prices is just a few examples of the clubs in Germany accommodate the fans. Along with greed, I also believe that the hooligan ghost is still lurking around.
  5. Make sure you get a membership for next season. Very difficult to get tickets without one. Good idea to arrange something through talkchelsea. Maybe an informal group of people meeting up before the games for a pint? Probably better from next season.
  6. Alright mate? I still haven't found one but we could always meet for a pint before a game if you are interested.
  7. Don't get me wrong I'm not suggesting or promoting ultra style fans. However, IMO introducing Capos to the bridge will lift the atmosphere. Far too often 2 or 3 songs are being song at the same time at MHL. A Capo would ensure that everyone are singing the same. Anyone know of any London based fan clubs?
  8. I don't think the atmosphere is that bad at the Bridge. I normally stand/sit at MHL and usually the atmosphere is quite good and better at bigger games. There are of course room for approvement. Some thoughts: - Someone in this thread suggested introducing a Capo (the song starters). These are widely used around Europe (the only place I haven't seen them is in UK) and I think they work really well. All you need is a megaphone and someone willing to stand in front of the crowd (and knows the songs of course). Here is video where you can see the 2 Capos in the middle of the stand where a little
  9. Anyone know the lyrics to the new Demba Ba song? Something about ".......he came from far away - can he play - oh can he play".
  10. I prefer MHL because of the atmosphere. Been to West upper once in a Champions League game because all tickets were the same price:). But I would rather watch the game in a pub than go up there again. I do like the fact that Chelsea has two stands that are singing but I would like to merge the two to create a more constant and louder atmosphere (still many quiet periods) OR that the two stands would sing towards each other sort of creating a who can sing louder competition. Any thoughts?
  11. Does CFC have an official fan club in London? can't find anything on the website?
  12. Dream: Braga, Basel/Olympiakos, FC Nordsjælland Nightmare: Valencia/Benfica, Juventus/PSG, Dortmund Should go through no matter what though but would like to see some easy matches so we can concentrate on the league.
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