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  1. Krasic and cahill, and i also readed that pato is going to PSG for 50 mil!
  2. Sorry it was an old post i know it, i just dont like arguements unsolved with members while they should be each other pals and support them chels
  3. oh come on people, Meireles is a good player for this chelsea, sure theres space for improvement, but he is always full of temper and really into the game, and barely makes mistakes, a little bit more credit would be fair.
  4. First off all, we have beaches enough, and we are also proud people with a good society, only in the big citys its fucked up, at the small ones everybody is kind against each other, another fact, we dont have slum as you have in your country, so every country has it positif sides and downsides, but hey life isnt easy, so instead of making an arguement about country's we should be happy he wants to play for brazil, because that means hes lal samba and we have a new brazilian legend in our hands in the future :champions: Sorry for my bad english.
  5. for 2011 sherlock holmes impressed me, really nice, also thor did a fine job. for 2012 i expect allot from the hobbit
  6. Neymar his businessman got fired, he got a new one, guess what, the new one is already 6 years best friends with rossell (barcelona boss..)
  7. Normally i like to win every match, but this match we MUST win, i fucking hate arsenaal, excuses for the languege, hoping that nando plays and make a full hattrick:)
  8. Im pretty stuned by u guys, all acting like u know everything about a player, in holland we have a club called vitesse, as u know roman has his hands into it also at some point, thats not whats import, importand is, that in holland we create a new position for players if we want, look at urby emanuelson, vurnon anita, giovanni van bronckhorst(before his retirement), and allot more, what im trying to say is, that only van bronckhorst is the player that lets nothing tru, while the other players that must learn new positions for their ''good abillity's'' still make mistake's, with all the respect
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