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  1. That's fair enough. But Luiz seems too rash for CB. Or do you not think so?
  2. Maybe permanently wasn't the right word. Just not as often.
  3. Just had a crazy idea guys, tell me what you think. Luiz should move to DM permanently(edit: not permanently, just less often). Why? Because he makes great runs and he's a great passer. Knowing that he isn't the last line of defense SHOULD make his less rash, so there's his weakness nullified (in theory). Before I go on let me explain something. There are two types of CBs IMO. You have the hardmen (Vidic, Puyol, Bane, Terry, Vermaelen, etc.) and then you have the 'janitors' (because they mop up after the hardmen, get it?). That would be your Luiz, Carvalho, Ferdinand, Pique, etc. The hardmen w
  4. It's the inconsistency from Foy that angers me the most. If what Jose did was a red, then what QPR did to Luiz and Lampard should be a foul (and penalty) as well. If what Luiz did was a penalty, then why didn't he make the same call on the other side. That's the real tragedy here. It's almost like he was biased.....
  5. It's not like the word 'black' is a racial slur anyways (he obviously said blind). What a world we live in.
  6. He's over eager. That said, the only mistake he made today was not being a little bitch. Helguson pushed on him on the edge of the area right before the penalty and he didn't go down because he's actually a man. He worked his ass off for the team and I can't fault him for the pen.
  7. I think our style of play is more suited for an inside forward than a big man like Drogba. We try to look for that killer pass rather than hoof it to Drogba and play off his knockdowns. That's why I'd like to see Nico or Sturridge as the central striker. They're movement is great and they're both really pacey as well as deadly finishers. Heck, Nico is practically a carbon copy of Torres (although not exactly). I'm probably alone in this though, lol.
  8. Am I the only one who wants to see how Sturridge would do as the main striker?
  9. Class player. He's been taught well. He definitely fits in with AVB's passing philosophy.
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