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  1. One of my favourite players and somewhat dissapointed that he joined Arsenal. Definitely another team to watch out for.
  2. Yes, unlimited transfers till next game week.
  3. Oh Madrid... I would never trade Ozil for Bale.
  4. Why on earth are we even considering negotiating with liverpool
  5. Not a problem, everyone has their own opinions. However, back then our midfield was so static that I rated Honda over every single one of them.
  6. You sir, are correct. Just like how they pronounced 'six' as 'sex'
  7. Decent draw for us, Juventus hopefully won't reak havoc. But LOL at Man City, third in their group for sure.
  8. Can't believe the mentality of you guys. Sturridge should not be sold. The lad has an eye on goal, a strong shot (on both feet), trickery, speed, and strength. Now name me another English international besides Rooney that is capable of his skill.
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