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  1. Fair enough he wasn't behind the revolt (if there even was one in the first place), but he's been utter wank for almost a year now. And it's not just that the ability hasn't been there, but also the effort. The half-arsed attempts at defending this season have really rubbed me and most other fans the wrong way, so the boos weren't completely unjustified (if for the wrong reasons).
  2. Mate he should probably focus on both. In any case, he's never struck me as being very mentally strong. Spending all match picking fights rather than trying to score goals is quite indicative of someone who's got a few too many loose screws.
  3. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/sport/article4646127.ece
  4. As with this season as a whole I go into the match expecting nothing but... I still end up being disappointed.
  5. Did he not set tactics before the game? Did he not have regular contact with Steve Holland and Rui Faria throughout?In any case, it's his own fault that he was banned. His press conferences and behavior have been an embarrassment as of late. You also have to take into consideration the effect that the gaffer being banned may have had on the players. Either way you look at it, I don't see how he can't be held accountable.
  6. Pretty pathetic display by Everton so far, they've been well and truly shite.
  7. Fernando should walk for that, disgusting.
  8. https://vine.co/v/Oh7zI77MZBz Does he know who they're playing? Complete joke of a football club
  9. Poor Ash. Robben really had his way with him last night.
  10. Twat. I've got to say though, my feelings of anger towards him have lessened in recent years because he managed to piss off all three big London clubs while playing for them
  11. It's great to see Lukaku proving his worth for the price tag so far, being overshadowed by an ageing Eto'o.
  12. Lukaku's been shite. His performances this season have made me glad that we're shot of him.
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