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  1. His twitter: Cristiano Ronaldo ‏@Cristiano 11m All the news about my renewal with Real Madrid are false. Interesting.
  2. In all fairness sneijder's best position is also a second striker: "I don't like playing in central midfield at all,I like to be further forward closer to goal … better a second striker than a central midfielder." Under Mourinho it was almost the same dictating play in the more forward position creating chances galore for Milito,Pandev, eto'o etc. Having said that he has been on a remarkable decline since 2010 and that cant be understated after seeing the heights he was at in 2010. There's a reason all the big teams all of sudden changed their minds in buying him but under Mourinho, the man w
  3. Scary thought but a perfect platform for us to show the world a new Chelsea. rarely get an opportunity to play in this competitions two years in a row so we have to make the best of it.
  4. I've never seen someone who changes their view so drastically, I remember you had him on your avatar and were saying he was on of the best strikers you've seen... This isn't just with Falcao similar u turns for a lot of things lol. no offence by the way.
  5. And at the end of the day yourselves being atheists you have no burden off proof. I have a belief and millions more just like me, which also including scientists scholars etc. Most of your disputes are open to interpretation and can be disputed anyways.
  6. This is a translation so may have grammatical inaccuracies, that would be my bad not the book. Another reason I dislike religious 'debates' online.
  7. Like the orbit of the sun and the moon, overview effect, the perfect description of the birth of a human etc. I'm going to leave this now and watch the game for the final time
  8. What you said makes no sense at all. What I read is so relevant today, and was literally like answers to a lot of my questions. I'm a logical person. These primiary sources for this religion I embracedstands the test of time indeed and for example stated scientific theories or knowldge which took thousands of years to be found out by scientists, and is still backed today. Like i've said before I don't like religious debates over the internet so I'm ending my input and watching the game
  9. Equally, when Salahuddin captured Jersuselem the christians and Jews were allowed to live in peace as dwellers like every other human. Equally, Stalin, and atheist persecuted and killed so many people for having religious beliefs. You see my point? Don't judge religion by a mans actions but look at the religion itself. Like I said I used to do that very same thing until I looked at the primary sources.
  10. As I said before mate read the primary sources. Don't formulate an opinion on religion from the evil or abuse your nation unfortunately sustained, or maybe yourself has come under. I know in Estonia I think religion doesn't form part of your circular so and was voted the lowest religious country in the world Like i said though I used to read so much negative propaganda about a religion. I read the primary source of the religion that constantly seems to be scrutinised by the media with an open heart and was just blown away at how ill-informed my opinion was, and the beauty of the religion I a
  11. if you haven't read the complete of anything, your not really in a position in judge. By reading extracts, chances are your reading someone else's opinion who manipulated specfic extracts out of context. also don't just use the bible as your basis against 'religion' in general. christianity isn't the only religion out there...Anyway religion is hard to talk about over the internet for obvious reasons. one thing I want to say in this message though is never judge something from what you read in the news or read on a website. I used to do this and in hindsight feel foolish. not until I read the
  12. fAnta

    Didier Drogba

    Dillema that its at the same time as the barca game
  13. fAnta

    Didier Drogba

    Drogba ready for the game after his bday
  14. Hugo Chavez until yesterday, had won the more free elections than anyone on Earth. Don't want to go into to much politics but with that fact alone, he's definitely not as bad as you illustrate. being from Israel of course you wouldn't be sad, he was highly supportive of establishing Palestine as a state All that aside don't won't to go off point. As @CHOULO19 said he worked for the good of his country, so RIP.
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