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  1. Are you a regular viewer of River Plate games? Yeah, best friend is from Argentina & a huge River fan so we watch games together often. He has been in insane form since January.
  2. No. Armani is 100x better. Sampaoli is just a fucking moron
  3. Kieran.


    Wtf? Always loved Willian but that's pretty inexcusable...
  4. It's also a good competition to bleed the youngsters in. We should show respect to the competition obviously but we have to gun for the title next season. A B-team with youngsters and experienced vets should get us through to the knockouts and from there we can see.
  5. Insane after all the shit this season, one result goes our way and we win and we're top 4. It's the hope that kills you Watch Brighton win and we draw or lose. Typical.
  6. Umm both would add quality to our squad.
  7. I think we'll sell him this summer if he refuses a new deal. Can't let him go for free.
  8. Kind of a random thought, but anyone else think Kante could do a job at fullback or wingback if we absolutely needed it? Just a simple talking point.
  9. Anyone else want to see Giroud start over Morata?
  10. Lol he was awesome that game my mans.
  11. Does no one remember his debut? Bossed it against Tottenham on one leg.
  12. We obviously played well if we would have won 5-2 if Morata scored his sitters.
  13. It normally takes me an hour to calm down after a result that pisses me off and tonight is no different. We played pretty well in all honesty, Morata obviously should have scored at least 2 of those chances, but Arsenal were unlucky on the Sanchez shot and a couple others. Draw was a fair result, we do have to look over our shoulder a bit more but I'm really not that worried about securing a place in the Champions League.
  14. He was good at breaking up play, especially at the end of the game. Needs to show more though.
  15. He is absolutely exceptional. The amount of times I mutter "wow, N'golo" in a match is crazy.
  16. I thought he was okay tonight, was slightly surprised by the Zappa switch but Davide bossed it when he came on.
  17. He never missed three sitters in one game, this was an insanely bad performance from Morata.
  18. I haven't been more upset at a player in a fucking while, props Morata.
  19. Do you ever have anything positive to say or is everything just shit to you all the time
  20. Didn't put a wrong foot and didn't make any stupid mistakes. All you can really ask from a 17 year old.
  21. Who can we realistically buy in January who isn't cup tied?
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